Team Fundraising the Hands-Free Way

June 29, 2020


What a relief to know that teams from the pros to youth sports will be back in action soon – even if play does look a bit different thanks to COVID-19 precautions. But here’s the thing. Your team (or organization, or school) needs money to return to play. Ugh. Do you really have to mount another complex, time-consuming fundraiser on top of all the other challenges you’re facing right now?

What’s a harried admin to do?

Sell decorated spirit wear!

Our team management partner SportsEngine recently noted that “the sale of apparel is becoming more significant to clubs, leagues and associations as they look to return to sports activities after being shuttered due to the COVID-19 pandemic,” to bring in vital cash flow. And, we would add, it gets families and fans back into action, ramping up team spirit stifled during quarantine even as they wait for their players to take the field.

Nothing says “we’re all in this together” like custom-decorated spirit wear because you can both say it and show it. David Goerke, vice president of marketing over at Augusta Sportswear Brands (another of our SquadLocker partners) agrees. He says decorated apparel is like “a billboard — for parents, kids, friends, grandparents, neighbors — to take pride in their communities.”

You can use your standard logo or create something unique to this unusual season ("Finally! Return to Play 2020").

Your SquadLocker store makes it so easy

COVID-19 has made many things more convoluted, but raising funds by selling decorated apparel needn’t be one of them. Thankfully, your SquadLocker store is the essence of simplicity, saving admins countless hours of time and headaches so you can stress less and raise more money.

  • It’s super-easy to set up a store, if you don’t already have one. Did we mention it’s free? There’s no contract to sign, either.
  • Our graphic design team will help buff up your logo to ensure perfect decoration or help you create something entirely new. Also for free. (“Free” means more funds raised go directly into your team’s coffers.)
  • Your store is always open -- available to customers 24/7/365.
  • Easy, no-hassle returns.
  • One-at-a-time ordering and delivery.
  • Fast turnaround.


Yep, that’s right. Every customer does their own ordering, and their custom-decorated apparel is delivered directly to them. We handle everything digitally.

Admins don’t have to collect physical payments or sizing forms or place bulk orders and then handle distribution. No bunch of kids pawing through boxes trying to find a jersey that fits, sort of. No spirit wear inventory to maintain. Instead of a traditional process that’s literally hands-on at every step, your SquadLocker store is fast, personalized, and contact-free all the way.

What can you sell? We offer nearly 20,000 items that can be individually decorated with your artwork, from some of the biggest names in sports apparel, at a variety of budget-friendly price points. How much can you earn? Teams may choose from pre-set markup options of 5%, 10%, or 15%, applied store-wide.


Raise even more money

Invite your usual sponsor or some other business to play in a new way. Most sponsors are local small businesses, and many of them are cash-poor right now so their usual financial contributions may not be forthcoming. But they can still show their spirited support.

Businesses can work with our SquadLocker squad to create special return-to-play artwork that incorporates their logo along with the team’s logo. As team admin, you can add certain garments with this specialized artwork to your store, expanding your promotional inventory to raise more money. The company can encourage their employees, families, etc. to visit your store online and buy the merchandise. Or, if the company has its own store, they can also offer these items on their own and donate the proceeds to the team.


Raise even MORE money

Fabulous as your SquadLocker store is, it is not the Field of Dreams. You have to sell your store in order to sell spirit wear to raise money. link to the blog on Boosting Store Engagement That means you have to get the word out.

SportsEngine’s Ryan Goerke is vice president of e-Commerce, so he knows a thing or two about marketing online. The keys to success, he says, are making the process easy for parents and others to purchase, and sharing the link to your store as widely as possible. He suggests using both an email campaign and social media to promote items being offered to raise funds. Be sure to include photos showing happy kids, parents, and coaches wearing these items so people can easily envision themselves looking great in the apparel, too.

Raising money the easy way – selling decorated spirit wear through your SquadLocker store. Now there’s something to cheer about!

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