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Strategies for Stress-Free Coaching

January 24, 2017

Andrew Howard

Coaching can be a lot of fun, but there’s also plenty of responsibility and stress that comes along with it. In order to operate effectively, a good coach focuses on their own needs in addition to the needs of the team. A great coach is also a great manager. They’re able to focus purely on coaching because they understand that tools and resources are necessary assets that can help to free up their time.


Here are a few ways coaches can cut some of the stress out of their lives and become better coaches for it.


1 – Don’t Try To Do Everything Yourself

Even if we’re talking about volunteer-based little league teams, there’s no reason for a coach to try to do everything solo. Recruit assistant coaches, even if it means getting some volunteers from the parents. Delegate authority for the smaller tasks and consider having someone handle all the accounting or bookkeeping duties—Team Moms can be a great help to both you and your team.


2 – Embrace Electronic Communications

Facebook is an amazing tool for coordinating players and parents. Every coach should have a private page specifically for intra-team communications that serves as a messaging board for team announcements, practice times, game dates and more. Most parents and students are already on Facebook, so it can also serve as a primary tool for one-on-one messages. It’s never been so easy to centralize every aspect of your team communications.


3 – Always Have A Full Contact Directory

Beyond Facebook, you should have an up-to-date directory of addresses, emails and phone numbers—particularly emergency contact information. If possible, keep them accessible via your cell phone. Unforeseen accidents can occur at any time, and having this information ready will help relieve some of your worries.


4 – Stay On Top Of Parental Concerns

Don’t ignore your team’s parents if they’re trying to talk to you – they aren’t going away. The best approach is to promptly deal with any issues or problems they have and move on. Allowing their complaints to pile up will make a self-reinforcing problem that just grows bigger every day.

Be wary of parents trying to monopolize your time. Know when it’s appropriate to draw a line in the sand and reduce their ability to contact you - except in cases of actual importance.


5 – Always Have A Backup Plan

Whenever you have an activity planned, whether it’s an element of practice, a game or anything else, ask yourself, “Do I have a backup plan?” It’s common for practices and games to get rained out, so make sure you have alternative activities and workouts ready at all times.


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