SquadLocker’s Gary Goldberg Featured Guest on CEO Crossing Podcast

June 18, 2020

Jeanne Hopkins

SquadLocker’s co-founder talks about hurdles and lessons as SquadLocker disrupts team uniforms and gear market to make life easier for athletic directors, coaches

WARWICK, R.I. – June 18, 2020 – Gary Goldberg, CEO of SquadLocker, a leading provider of online tools and services for teams and organizations to manage custom apparel and equipment purchasing, was a recent guest on the podcast, CEO Crossing. Gary talked about the hurdles and lessons learned as SquadLocker continues to disrupt the manufacturing of team uniforms and gear, including catching the industry up with today’s modern purchasing experience. Host Paul Kirch interviews special guests who have crossed over to success and have valuable insight and stories of inspiration as founders and CEOs.

WHAT: CEO Crossing Podcast, “Disrupting Manufacturing,” with Gary Goldberg, CEO of SquadLocker

WHERE: To listen to the podcast, visit: https://anchor.fm/ceocrossing/episodes/Disrupting-Manufacturing---Gary-Goldberg--CEO-of-SquadLocker--Hire-The-Right-Team-For-Success-efi83q/a-a2g64s2



Gary touched on a variety of topics, including his hyper-passion for customer satisfaction and happiness, and embracing leading vendor partners that are agile, rapid fulfillers, and great forecasters. He is a third generation textile engineer who has enjoyed designing products to improve the well-being and comfort of consumers for some of the world's most recognized retailers and brands. He is the founder of CleanBrands, encasements for mattresses and pillows that protect against allergens and micro-toxins.

Gary also founded Case The Music, a guitar and musical instrument case company which was his first step into sewn textile product development. He has served on the board of trustees at Moses Brown School for over a decade.

“We set out to build a disruptive company, enabled by world-class technology and executed by a group of professionals eager to change the behavior of an entire industry,” said Gary Goldberg. “In this pursuit, we launched online tools that make it easier and convenient for consumers, coaches, athletic directors, and administrators to search for, select, and purchase the very best team gear and uniforms at competitive prices. I was happy to share my experience, and it was an absolute delight talking with Paul on CEO Crossing.”

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