SquadLocker, USA Football and Your Team ~ Now One Team Together

May 13, 2016

Todd Grant

Being involved in managing and coaching youth sports may be one of the most time consuming things to be associated with, yet it can be one of the most rewarding situations you'll ever experience. For the most part, you'll want to do the things that you were meant to do: coaching and mentoring. That's where all the rewards come from, teaching young people the meaning of excellence in sports and life.

Involvement Means Everything

Unfortunately, there is more to it than just being out on the field and coaching. Involvement in youth sports means doing everything, and fund raising goes to the top of the list. You had better like talking on the phone, because a lot of your extra time will be trying to get some finances together for equipment, uniforms and other gear. And that's just one of the challenges facing you.

Once you get the funds, you'll need to spend them, and that process can be a big hassle. Logos, uniform designs, colors, the whole works, and if you are a part of a committee, things can get complicated really fast. Then getting everyone together for sizing, going to the sporting goods store, trying things on and ordering is almost more clamor than its worth.

The reality is that, all you want to be doing, and what the kids deserve more than anything else, is being with them while coaching and mentoring. And when any aspect of managing a youth sports program comes between that, it takes away part of the reason for doing what you are doing.

Changing the Rules

The problem here is, this is how managing a youth sports team has always been done. It almost seems as if the actual value of coaching comes last compared to outfitting the team with gear. But it should just be the opposite. Coaching should come first, with the selection of uniforms, gear and logos not taking away from the valuable time between a team and its coach.

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to go on-line and choose all of your youth sporting goods needs? Equipment, of all sorts, colors and logos, if they could all be done on a computer or a laptop, it would take a lot less time, parents, kids and coaches could be involved at the same time, and even such things as fund raising could have it's special little contributors page for convenience.

Well, the rules have changed and SquadLocker is there every step of the way.

The Latest News

USA Football and SquadLocker are teaming up to give coaches and athletes access to world class apparel and gear at the touch of a keyboard. TeamLocker, which is SquadLocker's online gear and apparel store, has now become USA Football's "Official Team and School Spirit Wear Store." Millions of kids and thousands of coaches will benefit by being able to choose uniforms and sports gear from the Internet, making it easier and with less hassle to outfit youth football teams. And, there will even be a fundraising contributor option, with an online store to help support the team. Parents can become directly involved and get the gear and equipment their kids need, directly on line.

We Love Teams

As CEO of USA Football, Scott Hallenbeck says that this arrangement allows coaches to " ... dedicate more time to teaching and less time to order forms." By simplifying the ordering system to the SquadLocker three-step process -- choose a name, choose a logo and choose a sport -- you will be in and out of this online sporting goods store in a fraction of the time it would normally take to place an order.

We Love Teams ~ your team, USA Football, and the SquadLocker team, are now all one team, together.

SquadLocker and USA Football strive to inspire young athletes through youth organizations and youth programs. Come join us. Be a part of the new innovation that SquadLocker provides, and make teamwork fun when choosing all of your gear, for you and your team.

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