SquadLocker Could Be Your Single Source For All Your Sports Equipment Needs

February 21, 2017

Andrew Howard

If you’re the athletic director for a school system, or otherwise responsible for the logistics of your school’s sports initiatives, you’re undoubtedly aware of just how much of a hassle sourcing gear and merchandise can be. The more teams your school supports, the bigger the hassle becomes. Finding quality vendors, ensuring proper custom branding, distribution… it’s often a major problem, on top of the other responsibilities an athletic director deals with from day to day.


SquadLocker could greatly simplify the process. As one of the most robust and full-featured options in custom sports gear online, we have the capacity for large bulk orders from even the biggest of districts. And not just for single sports, but potentially every sport at your school.


Solving Your School’s Sourcing Problems

While much of the material on our website is focused on the ability of teams to create publicly-accessible stores, that’s not the only service we offer. We’re happy to work with you one-on-one to handle all your gear and merchandise needs and ship them straight to the school for later distribution and resale.

Besides bringing you a true “one stop shop” for all your team equipment needs, this gives you complete freedom and flexibility to handle gear and merchandise distribution however you like. It’s a great way to ensure your students, parents and local supporters have plenty of options in merchandise to purchase at games and other events, while also bringing top-quality gear to your teams.

We have partnered with the most trusted pro-quality gear and sportswear providers in the world, names like Adidas, Nike, UnderArmour and Russell Athletic. Because we’re placing huge orders for many teams and districts at once, that gives us a significant price advantage over sourcing yourself. In many cases, schools we work with discover they can get better gear at lower prices than doing it themselves.

Likewise, we can also support whatever sports your school offers. We carry gear suitable for all major school sports, even less-common sports such as lacrosse. You’ll find that we truly have everything you need to outfit your team for the entire school year.


Buy Risk-Free From SquadLocker

SquadLocker is young, but in our short time we have already served thousands of teams and we’re continually expanding our list of major brands. Word-of-mouth has kept us growing at an amazing pace and we expect many such years to come. The “secret” of our success is simple:  You deserve quality products, so we only offer quality products.

We have one of the most customer-friendly service policies you’re likely to find from any equipment provider, in any field of business, backed up by a no-hassle six month returns policy. We appreciate your business and want to ensure your complete satisfaction with everything we have to offer.


When you choose SquadLocker for your school’s gear and merchandise, you can do so in full security. You get great brands, at great prices, backed up by great guarantees.



If you’re ready to streamline your school’s sport equipment sourcing, contact us directly to discuss your bulk ordering needs.

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