SquadLocker Coach Of The Year 2019 Finalist: Aaron Rouselle

October 1, 2019

Peter Dodd

We'd like to give a shout out to Squadlocker Coach of the year Finalist, Aaron Rouselle - Coach in Rising sun, MD



Considered Submission for Coach Rouselle:


"3 years ago Aaron was on his death bed. Needed a liver transplant after just coming off unrelated cancer surgery. Everyone counted him out but Aaron being Aaron survived. Prior he coached and taught at schools for autistic and troubled kids. However due to health issues he’s had to stop teaching. Lost, he dove all into coaching and providing everyone with a chance to play.

"He started hosting free basketball clinics that had an average attendance of 50 kids a week. He’s currently putting together a bigger program called Cecil Cubs to provide a better sense of team to all this participants. He’s made a huge impact even with all his setbacks. He’s been out of work with no income for over 8 months but still finds a way to keep his program free for all students.


"I know nothing would make him happier than being able to purchase shirts for his kids to give them an even stronger since of pride. Aaron is blessed to be alive, never complains, and does everything he can to provide for the kids of our Aaron.

"If you ever get a chance to speak to him or read about his story you will be truly inspired. Everyone reaches out to Aaron during hard times because he has an amazing way to put things into perspective, from young kid to mature adults. Aaron is the coach to talk to when you need mental toughness or looking for some motivation. He also has the coaching certifications, degree in health, athletic ability, and knowledge to provide quality physical training."

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