SquadLocker Coach Of The Year 2019 Finalist: Walt Jackson

July 2, 2019

Peter Dodd

We'd like to give a shout out to Squadlocker Coach of the year Finalist, Walt Jackson - Coach in Springfield, MA



Considered Submission for Coach Jackson:


"There’s so much that can be said about Coach Jackson. This man is more than just a coach. He’s a leader building the characters of young men on and off the court. Coach Jackson teaches his players the fundamentals of basketball. He breaks things down, allowing the players to learn in practice, and perform during the games. Coach Jackson creates winners. His basketball teams have winning records, and numerous trophies to prove it. But that’s not the only way his players are winning. They are winning in life. They have the tools needed to be successful. His focus is Student, then Athlete. His players know they will be held accountable for their performance and behavior in school.


"MLK focuses on Discipline, Fundamentals, Honor, and Respect. Coach Jackson’s players respect the game. The minute they walk into the gym, they tuck in their shirts. They shake their coaches hand. They don’t argue with the refs. They show sportsmanship during the games. They cheer on their team mates.


"Every player is a 'starter' in some way. One player may be the leading scorer, while another is the leading cheerleader on the bench, encouraging his teammates. Everyone is just as valuable. Value isn’t measured in points or minutes. It’s measured by sportsmanship and morale. It’s measured by attitude and effort. That’s the kind of environment Coach Jackson creates. Time and time again Coach Jackson’s teams have been referred to as classy.


"MLKs motto is “We aren’t saying we are better. We just do things different.” Coach Jackson does things different. Win or lose, the players play with heart. The heart they have is the beat of Coach Jackson. Coach Jackson’s players have been known to shout him out once they reach the high school or college level. Lives have been changed, shaped and influenced through the humble game of basketball. To be coached by Coach Jackson is a privilege, and the players go out every game and play like they appreciate the opportunity."

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