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Looking for baseball team gear inspiration? Let's look at Auburn.


While best known for its prolific football program, Auburn has built a substantial baseball tradition as well. Two-time AL MVP Frank Thomas developed his skills with the Tigers, as did reigning AL MVP winner Josh Donaldson. Of course, Auburn baseball also gave the world Bo Jackson, one of the greatest all-around athletes in American sports history.

 To go along with their iconic alumni roster, Auburn has worked with Under Armour to develop a timeless look that stands out among baseball's all-too-often tacky wardrobe.

 The jersey features a spoon-style collar borrowed from classic teams like the Boston Red Sox and St. Louis Cardinals. On the home whites, the blue-dominant Auburn's team logo, located over the left pectoral, truly pops. The similarly sterling front number is located diagonally across the jersey, balancing the design. With the dark away jerseys, the orange logo replaces its blue counterpart, but the look remains sharp.



#Auburn's 2016 season begins just one month from today. Get your tickets now. #WarEagle

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Happy birthday to head coach Butch Thompson! #WarEagle

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However, Under Armour provides Auburn with more than its game-day apparel. The company also produces the baseball program's customized workout gear. As it does with other sports, UA places a dual focus on the performance and design of its baseball line. Auburn ballplayers field ground balls and work on their batting mechanics in the company's breathable, comfortable practice shirts and athletic shorts. The Tigers move naturally in their custom Under Armour apparel.




Pitchers working on fielding ground balls under the watchful eye of Coach Thompson. #WarEagle

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Another great day on The Plains #WarEagle

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Just as importantly, Under Armour has developed a unique collection of baseball cleats. While baseball footwear of old focused only on the spikes, UA has created a lightweight, stylish items that help the wearer take off quicker and reach higher top speeds.


When you look back, make sure you left nothing behind. #PUSHTHEGAME Under Armour Yard. Link in bio.

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Meanwhile, the company's batting gloves allow for maximum dexterity and protection against wild pitches. They also provide superior grip and shock absorption, allowing batters to hone in on what matters most: hitting the baseball.


Last night was just a preview. #TakeTheCrown #PUSHTHEGAME

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Last year, Auburn endured the highs and lows associated with a young baseball team, finishing 14-19 in the western division. Still, the Tigers gave their fans plenty of reason for optimism as they ready for the 2016 season. They outhit their opponents by nearly .030 in '15, and the team returns three of its eight of its biggest bats and its three top pitchers. With added experience, the Auburn Tigers expect to outperform the competition this year in the SEC. In their Under Armour apparel, their chances are greater than ever.

We think the Auburn Tigers provide geat inspiration for any youth baseball team or league looking to personalize baseball team gear for the 2016 season. If that sounds like a difficult task - see how a coach saved tons of time when ordering team gear.


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