Modernizing Your PTA for Virtual World

October 5, 2020

Christine Snyder

Parent-teacher organizations have historically been an in-person organization, but this isn’t always feasible now with many schools being 100% online, or a hybrid situation. How does a PTA adapt? And, what about fundraising?

In the recent episode of the Multipurpose Room, “Modernizing Your PTA, Tips from a PTA Leader,” hear how Selma Avdicevic, an active member of her local PTA council, revamped their PTA website, meetings, and membership communication to facilitate the 2020 school year and beyond.

Selma Avdicevic is a financial services professional and entrepreneur with an extensive background in commercial real estate finance and investment, project management, fundraising, and more. She is an advocate for public education and active Impact100 Essex chapter member who lives in Montclair, NJ with her husband and two kids.


Top tips for PTAs

  • Bring your website into the 20th century:

Many PTA websites are outdated and not compatible with mobile or social media. Communities must access important information via your website. Through parent volunteers and others, Selma spearheaded a new website project using a simple platform like WordPress to facilitate easy updating moving forward. The new “donations” button has not only brought in funds, but greatly increased PTA membership.

  • Zoom PTA Meetings:

Once the state of NJ allowed voting via Zoom, they jumped on the opportunity. It has greatly increased participation at meetings, which has provided input and feedback from diverse groups, not just a same few who are able to regularly participate.

  • Use MemberHub:

PTAs across the country use this secure app to securely collaborate and communicate. MemberHub allows schools to set up hubs by grade or group, provide a secure directory of names and contact information, and include many who are not on social media platforms.


Ultimately, it’s important to use modern tools to connect with your school community, and ensure inclusivity and diversity of your PTA.


Modernizing fundraising

A key focus of PTAs is fundraising. Whether through bake sales, or apparel sales, PTAs play a huge role in raising funds for their school. One of the easiest ways to modernize PTA fundraising is to streamline the process, and host it online. With SquadLocker's online apparel solutions, PTA members can build a store in minutes with apparel and accessories from top brands, then simply click to add fundraising to the store as a whole. With individual, contactless delivery of the items, and no need to worry about bulk purchases, it really couldn't be any easier!


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