Video: How SquadLocker has made things easier for coaches and administrators.

July 12, 2016

Tiffany Omicioli

How SquadLocker has made things easier for coaches and administrators.



Revolutionizing the world of team gear ordering, SquadLocker is becoming quite the game changer in the youth sports world. Recently, SquadLocker interviewed Leslie Jones, the head Field Hockey coach at Moses Brown School in Providence, Rhode Island. In her joyful testimonial, Leslie explains how difficult it was to order team gear in the past, how SquadLocker’s online ordering system has changed the process, and why online ordering makes things easier for coaches and administrators that are involved in sports.


Why was ordering team gear difficult in the past?

The job of coaching is hard enough, and with the added tasks of collecting checks, collecting order forms and getting sizes for each team member… it leaves even more responsibility in coaches’ hands, like Leslie. As a busy Field Hockey coach, she should be able to concentrate her time and energy more on mentoring her athletes and less on ordering uniforms.


How has SquadLocker made ordering Team Gear easier?

“SO much easier for any coach or administrator that is involved in sports."

According to Leslie, SquadLocker’s new website and uniform ordering process has made getting team gear “just so much easier.” By taking the ordering task out of the coaches’ hands and putting the responsibility “in the hands of the athletes as well as their parents,” there is less room for uniform confusion and more time for practice. Leslie explains how her athletes can order their gear right online, with the uniforms and other coordinating workout apparel and accessories shipping directly to their home. Overall, she says it has made things “SO much easier for any coach or administrator that is involved in sports.”


Making More Time for Coaching

Keeping things simple is key to SquadLocker’s vision. By taking the responsibility and challenges of ordering team gear out of the coaches’ or administrators’ hands – these dedicated individuals can have more time for the coaching and mentoring that they signed up for. Collecting checks or cash, hunting down order forms from busy student athletes and determining the right amount of sizes per uniform piece is time consuming and exhausting. Using SquadLocker as an ordering platform makes getting everyone ready for the season a team effort, giving everyone (coaches, athletes, managers, players) more time on the field.


The Bottom Line: What once was difficult is now a breeze

With SquadLocker, coaches all around the country can enjoy more time on the field with their athletes and less time behind a desk counting sizes. Like Coach Leslie at Moses Brown School explains, the team gear ordering process was frustrating and time consuming before. But with everything right in one easy to use online “locker,” teams can find what they are looking for, order the correct sizes they need and add any extra items or workout gear that they choose. Ordering uniforms and getting the team outfitted for the season may have been difficult in the past – but with SquadLocker, things in the team gear world are looking easier and better every day.

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