Lower risk sports may be allowed to play amid COVID concerns, but others are still practicing

September 2, 2020


We are all doing the best we can to get our kids back into sports this fall – while doing everything we can to protect our players and staff from COVID-19. It’s now September, a month in which practice and play are usually in full swing. But what Return to Play looks like so far is all over the map – literally. Each state government is setting its own rules, and each state’s high school athletics association is also stepping up with guidelines.

It’s all a bit complicated, since some sports are naturally less risky than others when it comes to potential exposure to COVID-19. When it comes to team sports, baseball, basketball, ice hockey, field hockey, soccer, softball and volleyball are usually considered moderate-risk because they involve intermittent close contact and/or equipment cannot always be cleaned between players. Close-contact team sports such as lacrosse and football are highest risk. That said, states vary in how they categorize specific sports.


What’s happening in your state?

New York’s Governor Cuomo recently that announced lower-risk, school-sponsored sports could start both practice and play on September 21st, but with limited travel for the first month. New York considers soccer and field hockey to be in the low- to moderate-risk category, but football, rugby, hockey and volleyball to be high-risk. These sports can engage in individual or group practice and low- or no-contact training as of September 21st. But there will be no games for now.


Elsewhere around the country:

  • Utah has fully returned to play. Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania and several other states are also sticking with their usual fall sports schedules.
  • New Jersey and Oklahoma are allowing high school sports on-campus, whether or not classes will reconvene.
  • Connecticut is allowing practice as of September 21st.
  • California, Oregon, 15 other states and the District of Columbia have put high school sports on hold for the rest of 2020. Massachusetts and Michigan have re-scheduled football to next spring.


You can check out the current status for every state plus Washington, DC here.


You can’t return to play (or practice) without gear

As always, SquadLocker has you covered, with top-quality, great-looking apparel and accessories just right for your current level of play, whatever that is. For teams in states allowing full play now (or soon) for sports such as soccer, field hockey, wrestling, and volleyball, we have a full catalog of uniforms and accessories. You can download a copy or browse online. Either way, it’s easy to pick out the gear you want to offer in your store.

Whatever your sport, everyone has to practice, whether that’s all you are allowed to do for now or you’re prepping for the next official game. You’ll want to check out our practice essential packs for players and coaches. These collections are sport-neutral and feature your favorite brands – apparel you know will provide performance and comfort no matter how hard you practice, with teammates or at home on your own. Each pack includes a face mask, too.

Once you’ve selected the uniforms and practice essential packs for your store, players and parents can order whatever they need, whenever they want. We’ll decorate it to order and deliver it directly to them – fast and contactless from start to finish.


Don’t forget the spirit wear!

Families and fans throughout the community have been sidelined by the pandemic, too, and they’re just as anxious as the kids to return to play – at a safe spectating distance of course. They’ll want to show their spirit, so make sure to stock your store with plenty of decorated fanwear as well as practice essentials and uniforms for players.

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