Coaches Answer: What matters most in your role?

October 18, 2020

Anum Hussain

We recently spoke with over 600 coaches about the impact COVID has had on return to play and their roles. Through these conversations, we learned more about what coaches care about and what motivates them to do their job. We heard a number of responses ranging from developing player skills to keeping them healthy.

Skill Development

The most emphasis was put on skill development and training. Coaches value investing time in individual athlete growth, which was disrupted during the pandemic. But whether pre or post COVID, we heard:

  • 60% says it’s very important to teach athletic skills
  • 52% want to improve an athlete’s skills over time
  • 45% focus on training exceptional talent

Staying Healthy

Naturally, staying safe in a pandemic-driven world is a top priority for not only coaches, but parents, schools, and more. We heard:

  • 55% of coaches are focused on keeping kids safe
  • 43% of coaches are focused on keeping kids active

Of course, health also encompasses the benefits of keeping kids active even during this time. Many don’t want to see players fall behind by missing time on the field, court, or more.

Personal Growth

We’ve all heard the numerous benefits playing sports can have on kids, and coaches only echoed this.

  • 61% want to help athletes achieve their goals
  • 53% prioritize teaching teamwork
  • 50% prioritize instilling confidence


Of course, students are in to win it, right? So are coaches.

  • 47% mentioned the importance of winning larger championships
  • 39% mentioned winning games and competitions
  • 51% say their role involves identifying more talented athletes

Building Relationships

Many coaches enjoyed and prioritized the relationships they build and maintain through their role with various stakeholders.

  • 68% their role means having good relationships with athletes
  • 60% their role means having good relationships with people running league / org
  • 54% their role means having good relationships with parents

Overall, it’s clear coaches care.

Not that we ever doubted it! To learn more about the state of coaching in 2020, check out our latest ebook.


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