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May 30, 2019

Peter Dodd

Tim Perry

Head Football Coach and AD | Wetumpka, Alabama

"Tim Perry is the Head Football and Athletic Director at Wetumpka High School in Wetumpka Alabama. Coach Perry has been the coach at Wetumpka since 2012 and has done a great job. In 2017 he led Wetumpka to the AHSAA 6A State Championship Game, the first championship appearance in school history. Under Perry’s leadership, Wetumpka has become successful on the field and off the field. Every year since 2012 Wetumpka football players have been going to college (athletic and non- athletic), joining the military, and starting trades at a high number. Over the years Coach Perry has helped his players get jobs by helping prepare them for interviews, giving them a suit and tie to wear, and will even drive them there. To get players into college, coach priorities grades. He encourages players to take the ACT multiple times so they can have the best score. Throughout the year instead of working out, some days coach will organize a study hall with other coaches and teachers at Wetumpka High School.

"As a former player, coach Perry has had a great impact on my life. During my senior year of high school, I became the head basketball coach of the 7th-grade travel ball team. When coach found out I was coaching, he called me to give advice on how to be more than just a coach. He encourages me to not stress wins and losses but development and effort. After high school, I went to College at Troy University to major in Athletic training. At the end of my sophomore year, I applied to the program and coach Perry was one of my references; coach even wrote a letter of recommendation for me and called me the day before the interview to encourage me. When I learned that I was not accepted into the program coach Perry provided comfort by telling me that failure and pain are temporary and that I should use it to move forward.

"Coach Perry is a man that wears many hats. He is a coach, father, husband, grandad, mentor, counselor, to name a few. Coach is a great leader because he is passionate. Coach will show up at the school at 5 am and won't leave till 8 pm. While there he is watching the film, talking to college coaches, admission counselors, businesses, and local leaders looking for ways to help his players. Coach Perry is caring and understanding. Over the years there have been tragic events that have affected our community and Coach has been there to help. When players lose family members or friends, coach comforts them and even shows up at the funeral.

"In January 2019, an EF3 Tornado devastated parts of Wetumpka, Coach Perry stepped up to help the recovery efforts. The morning after the storm, Coach with a truck full of players went to the damaged area to help clean up and help those who had lost everything. Another quality of Coach Perry is that he is supportive of his players. After players graduates from school, Coach Perry still keeps up with them. Coach has helped move players into dorms in college and even shows up to visit them. Coach Perry has been to weddings of his former players, college graduations, or award ceremonies, and military sendoffs. Coach Perry is much more than just a coach he is a leader of men and a great mentor to high school students."

Submission by: Alfonzo J.


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