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The Challenges of Managing a Youth Sports Team

April 29, 2016

Todd Grant

As a coach, manager or administrator of a youth sports team, the challenges can be many. From purchasing custom team gear, fan apparel, and organizing the distribution of sizes, numbers and names – the checklist as a coach may seem endless. There must also be time for fundraising, mentoring and of course – coaching.


1. Buying & Distributing Youth Sports Uniforms and Gear

Coaching a youth sports team is difficult, and one of the most difficult tasks of the season can be the actual uniform buying process. Not only must you as a coach determine what style, material and colors are best suited to your team, but you also need to organize sizes for each team member, workout gear, equipment bags, and even provide apparel options for parents and fans. Using a digital resource can help save hours of work for coaches, volunteer, parents, and of course – for the players.


2. Choosing Efficient Fundraising Options for Youth Sports

Another difficult task for coaches is to either find or raise enough money to support their team throughout the year. Fundraisers in themselves can be time consuming, exhausting, and take away from precious practice time for players. Integrating a fundraising option with a digital platform for buying uniforms is a great way to efficiently raise money for the team. By incorporating a fundraising option (i.e. fans can purchase team gear and fan apparel via the online shop) - players, parents and you as a coach can direct people to your online store to help support your team. Less time distributing chocolate bars or shuffling order sheets means more time to practice.


3. Finding Top Quality Uniforms for Youth Sports

Saving time and money as a youth coach is important, but you shouldn’t have to sacrifice uniform quality. By choosing high quality brands and materials for your sports team gear and team uniforms, you will not only give your players a great looking uniform – but you’ll ensure that they will be dry and comfortable before, during and after each game. Providing a uniform with durable materials and breathable features will make sure you won’t need to re-buy or repair uniform items later on in the season. Now that's a smart coach move.


4. Making More Time for Coaching & Mentoring

As a youth sports coach or manager, your main goal is to spend time with your team members and give them the best possible coaching experience possible. Finding more time for individual focus and coaching is one of the biggest challenges. You want to make the most time available to give one-on-one time to the players that need it most. By saving time on the administration and management aspects of coaching, you’ll have even more time to spend with your players.

Getting your season started and your team ready for success can be done easily and efficiently by employing a digital platform that helps customize uniforms, directs players and parents to an online ordering site, as well as helps provide an easy fan-centered fundraising option for your youth sports team.


5. Solve the Challenges

This is the premise behind the new Sports Illustrated Play (SI Play) team store MyGear powered by SquadLocker. MyGear by SI Play and powered by SquadLocker streamlines the ordering, customization, and delivery of team apparel for coaches, volunteers, and team administrators. Organizations will also have the option to use the MyGear as a fundraising opportunity. Parents, Players, families and friends will now have an easy way to purchase their favorite team gear and spirit wear.


“In talking to thousands of fellow coaches, team administrators and organizers, a common theme was making the operational side of running teams and leagues more efficient and thus more rewarding for everyone. MyGear was created exactly for that purpose. Now everyone who wants to support their local teams will have an efficient resource. It also saves countless hours for volunteers and league organizers who manage this process. We believe it’s a win-win for everyone,” said Jeff Karp, SI Play CEO.




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