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Building Lacrosse Champions Through Team Culture

March 11, 2016

Andrew Walters

If you are ready to transform your Lacrosse team from great players into championship players – it all starts with team culture. By creating a championship culture within your Lacrosse team, you will build champions both on and off the field. Not only will your players be more focused and driven to succeed in their practices, they will not be satisfied with a sub-par performance in their games. By focusing on athleticism, competitiveness, team spirit and overall positivity – you’ll create a championship culture in which your team will thrive.


Athleticism of Champions

A championship culture begins with athleticism. Whether you have an entire team of newbies or a bunch of seasoned veterans, molding the culture to support increased athleticism and a champion’s mindset will improve performance.

One way to pump-up the athletic ability of your team is to recruit new players from other kinds of sports teams. Football players can bring a new intensity and physical level to the game. Soccer players will speed up your team and be light on their feet. Basketball players can teach other Lacrosse team members about offense and defense, as well as demonstrate quick lateral movements. Plus, the Lacrosse season usually falls in between other sports seasons (or near the end) so you won’t get glares from other team coaches for recruiting their best players. Heck, the things they learn on the Lacrosse field will improve their performance in other sports as well.


Competitiveness to Succeed

A culture of champions can only be sustained with continued success – and a higher level of competitiveness is needed to constantly succeed. As you are molding your Lacrosse team’s culture and developing their outlook on the game, make sure they understand the difference between winning and losing, and the hard work it takes to succeed.

Being competitive doesn’t have to be brutal or violent or over-the-top – it can just mean that the team understands the hard work it takes to be a winner. A team that does not want to settle for less than the best is a competitive team. They work hard, they compete – and if they fail they work hard to improve for the next game.


Team Spirit and Pride

A huge part of team culture is of course team spirit. Having pride in your team and mascot, your city, your community group, your school… Whatever your team is, if the culture of the team encourages pride and a positive spirit, it will only fuel the fire of champions.

Strong team spirit develops from within the team, but also from the family and friends of those team members. If your Lacrosse team is a school team – get the school involved in more games and events. If your Lacrosse team is an outside club or recreational group, get the community involved. The more people you have to cheer on your team, the more it will feed into that championship culture and “winning” mentality. Then, even if they lose a game you know they’ll have the support of their team, family, friends and community… and get a slap on the back for a job well done.


Positive Outlooks

Championships are won during practices, the off-season, at home, in school, etc. Everything your team members do on a day-to-day basis affects their game. Encouraging a positive outlook in general is a great way to fuel a winning team culture.

You may have your Lacrosse team practicing five times a week… but what are they doing on the weekends? Help them keep their minds in focus by encouraging a healthy lifestyle, dedication to their studies, and keeping fit in the off-season. This type of positive encouragement not only keeps your players fit and happy – but also affects their athleticism and work ethic. A positive mind makes a champion.


A Championship Culture for your Lacrosse Team

By combining improved athleticism, a competitive spirit, team pride and an overall positive outlook, you will easily build a culture of champions in your Lacrosse team. Both on and off the field, your players will be ready to succeed. If your team loses, it will be painful and unacceptable – but they will learn from it. A championship culture teaches them to improve for the next time, and not be satisfied with less than their best. Keeping your players energetic and proud of their hard work is the best way to nurture that championship culture in your Lacrosse team and move forward with continued success.

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