Booster Clubs Give Funds and Morale a Boost With an Easy Update

September 4, 2020

Christine Snyder

With many high school and college sports programs cancelled this fall, booster clubs across the country fear long-term financial setbacks for years to come. But, cutting other activities due to funding is not an option as students need social interaction and support like never before. The challenge of keeping students and teachers engaged and inspired during these times of extensive online communication is top of mind.

We’re thrilled to see booster clubs maximizing the use of their SquadLocker online apparel stores and easing the stress associated with these challenges! School communities and sports leagues alike are easily able to view, purchase, and quickly receive their custom school and sports apparel directly to their home. What’s better? Many are earning valuable fundraising dollars in the process. Now that’s a morale booster!

Start fundraising with custom apparel  It's easy to fundraise for your school, team, league, or organization with  custom apparel through SquadLocker. Simply pick your apparel, upload your logo,  set fundraising and share! Watch the Demo <>

How are they doing it? With little effort, store administrators are able to designate their SquadLocker store as Fundraising Central. Simply add a 5%, 10% or 15% margin to product prices in your store to generate funds every time someone makes a purchase. You can also assign certain items to serve as fundraisers – a special jacket or blanket featured for a special event or promotion. The best part – we send your earnings to you monthly! We are delighted to help ease the burden for athletic, school, and other program administrators who are going without much needed funds from event ticket sales, parking, food concessions, and more.

See how easy it is to turn on fundraising in your SquadLocker store



Picking apparel that will boost morale and fundraising dollars

Schools and teams that are having the most success with their SquadLocker online store feature apparel and gear their community loves to wear. Be sure your store has a wide variety of looks and styles to choose from so everyone can show off their school pride and team support whether in person or virtually. Don’t forget to include the promotion of all the high-quality items your store offers in your social media plans. The more gear and wear that flies off the virtual shelves, the more you show support for your community and the more fundraising dollars you earn.

Your SquadLocker store also controls the consistent look and feel of all your community’s custom apparel – from practice gear and school uniforms to club team wear, spirit wear, and casual clothes – no matter the team, club or group ordering. We make it super easy for program administrators to set up a store and for your community of students, parents, teachers, players, and fans to purchase, receive, and enjoy showing off their gear.

Partnering with SquadLocker to bring a custom online apparel store to your community has never made more sense in these times of virtual learning and socializing. To start boosting morale today or for more information on opening a custom SquadLocker online store for your community, go to:

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