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Big Ten College Football Is Kicking Off!

September 16, 2020

Christine Snyder

Today, the decision made on Aug. 11 to cancel Big Ten college football for the fall season has been reversed. Get ready for kickoff on October 24!

What went into the decision

The availability of four new rapid-testing options around COVID-19 and the latest medical information look to be saving the college football season. Presentations over this past weekend from various return to competition task force members increased confidence of all decision makers to now move forward with the season.

With new testing options expected to ease the burden of contact tracing and other concerns, all 14 Big Ten teams say they are in for play. However, the NCAA has made it clear that players can opt out without any repercussions to their eligibility or scholarship.


Can fans attend games?

Each team will play eight games in eight weeks with the Big Ten championship game scheduled for Saturday, Dec. 19. Unfortunately, fans will not be allowed to attend games this season, though there may be some exceptions for families of athletes and coaches.


Why it's so important

This is exciting news for players, their families, the colleges and fans across the country and the boost many could use right now. With students, teachers, and school administrators getting an overload of disappointment due to cancellations these days, this is great news that athletes will be getting on the field. Studies have shown that sports plays a major factor in both mental and physical well-being for all involved, and we need all the help we can get right now.

The benefits of playing college sports are no secret – from learning to balance your time between hours of practice and academics, to learning teamwork and work ethic, and building and maintaining relationships. Learning that comes from sports and outside of the classroom can be just as important as learning that comes from books and inside the classroom. And, college years are precious to both students and families, and COVID-19 has brought heartache.

For colleges, their athletics programs drive enrollment among both student-athletes and non-athletes, heighten brand awareness and reputation, and bring in big money. College athletics has endured a hit in 2020 like no other year. Recuperating some of this season is a win for all.


Staying safe

SquadLocker has not only been cheering on safe play for all sports this fall, we have been an advocate of returning to play safely. In the spring, we teamed up with the National Council of Youth Sports (NCYS) and other youth organizations to compile of list of tools and resources to ensure that youth sports return safely and under the guidance of state and local guidelines. We are also thrilled to be supporting teams and fans with custom masks and face coverings.

We are excited to be cheering on the Big Ten this fall! Wishing all athletes and coaches returning to play in October a safe and successful season!


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