The Best Pre-Season Prep Drills for Lacrosse

March 10, 2016

Andrew Walters

The Lacrosse season begins soon – in April – and you’d better get moving if you want your team to be prepared for the season ahead. Any good Lacrosse coach knows that performance during the season is affected by the players' off-season training. Prepare now, and stay ahead of the competition.


Weight training to focus on leg strength



It’s no surprise that having a powerful athletic base – legs – will greatly affect their Lacrosse game. In the off-season and building up before the season begins, start their workouts with weight drills that focus on strengthening the legs. Squats are one of the most basic weight exercises, and still one of the most effective. Try a series of dumbbell squats to keep legs strong and core tight. Have them start with no more than 10-pound weights until they feel comfortable, and make sure they are keeping their back straight and athletic stance strong. Offer assistance to make sure they're using the best squat position to avoid injury.

Another great weight drill for leg strength is the always-classic lunge. Hold dumbbells in each hand and repeat walking-lunges, or keep one leg stationary on a weight bench and focus on one leg at a time.


Running drills for speed and agility



Keeping up with the physical demands of the Lacrosse season needs a high amount of endurance, not to mention speed and agility. Did you know that Lacrosse athletes can run up to three miles each game? Holding a strong pace for three miles takes a bit of running prep – so get your team going with running drills in the off-season.

Work on agility with jumping drills, lateral running drills and resistance drills. Grab a workout partner and switch between running and squat workouts with a resistance band around your waists. Work on sprints and sideways movements. Plus, keep your endurance up by throwing in a long-distance run a few times a week.


Lacrosse wall ball drills


If you’re a Lacrosse player, you know the game isn’t as easy as it can look. The precision it takes to catch the ball and pass with your stick takes more than a little practice. Wall ball drills are great for prepping for the upcoming season.

Spend several minutes a few times a week practicing wall ball drills. Switch from right hand to left hand, and work on continuous moves without breaking your pace. Get your throw and cradle down, drill as quick and you can with your stick, and switch in between a right-throw to left-catch and vice versa.


Stretching and recovery drills



Before the team starts taking a beating from the on-season, perfect their stretching and recovery skills. It may not sound like an actual drill – but until they properly learn how to stretch and recover your muscles, they won’t be able to get the most out of their Lacrosse workouts or the best performance out of themselves. A foam roller, some resistance bands, and some kind of ball (like a tennis or lacrosse ball) can help massage out your muscles.

Practice rolling out on the foam roller or ball and focus on the quads, calves and hamstrings. Use stretch resistance bands to get a deep stretch in the limbs - or to give the extra inch needed to join hands behind the back, and stretch out the arms or chest area. End workouts with a relaxing stretch and recovery session, to take time to heal the sore muscles. The greater the recovery, the greater the next performance will be.


Start the lacrosse season right with prep drills

With only a few months to go before the season is in full swing, it is crazy important to get your team ready for Lacrosse. Build up their endurance and strength with weight training and running drills, stay light on their feet with agility training, and learn how to treat muscles properly with recovery and stretching drills before and after each workout. Even if players can’t commit to an every-day routine, doing something is better than nothing to prep for the Lacrosse season.

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