Athletes. Listen Up! Academics Are Important.

June 24, 2020

Colby Grant

This is a guest post written by Zack McGee of  You can follow @GrantTutoring on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Millions of kids across the United States dream of becoming a college athlete. When you get to high school, you are placed within arm’s reach of this dream. But how do you become a college athlete?

There are several variables college programs look at and I have always told my student-athletes they needed a combination of three specific things: Genetics, Game Film, and Grades.

  • Genetics refers to your God-given talent. This is your height, body type, speed, athleticism, etc. Some people are just born bigger, faster, and stronger than others.

  • Game Film refers to your performance in games. If a college coach or recruiter watches your tape, do you perform at a high level?
  • Grades refers to your level of academic achievement. Specifically, your GPA and test scores.'

Why are grades so important?

College programs can quickly look at the genetics and the game film to determine what level of competition fits the athlete. For example: Based on measurables and performance, can this athlete compete at Division 1, Division 2, or Division 3?

After that determination is made, your admission ticket becomes your academics. Any collegiate athletic program that shows interest will need the student-athlete to meet the academic requirements of the school. Each school has its own criteria. The better the grades, the better the chances of getting accepted to college. The student-athletes with poor grades are limiting their chances and closing windows of opportunity because they will not academically qualify for many colleges.

Academics can also help you earn extra money! Not every college athlete receives a full athletic scholarship. Students can earn academic scholarship money if they have good grades and test scores. Education can be very expensive. Every dollar counts and higher grades can bring higher dollars.

There are so many kids with the dream of becoming a college athlete. Don’t let grades get in the way of making the dream come true.

1. Make academics a priority.

2. Pay attention in class.

3. Ask the teacher questions. Utilize resources.

4. Turn in your assignments.

5. Take advantage of tutoring services.

Athletes bring maximum effort on the field. The classroom also needs your maximum effort.

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