7 Great Ideas for School Tees

October 17, 2020


You can’t have too many tee shirts. They’re such a versatile essential for all seasons, with short or long sleeves. The more decorated tees you offer in your school’s online store, the easier it is for your staff, families and community supporters to fill their wardrobes with tees that boost your brand and tell your story.

There is almost no end of “excuses” to create new designs, but these 7 are must-have types of tees for every school.


7 Great Ideas for School Tees:

1. Commemorate Notable School Achievements

  • Back to school – in person or remote
  • Graduation
  • Milestone anniversary (10th, 25th, etc. year or 100th day)
  • Completion of a new building, play area, or tech lab – or a new logo design
  • Last day of school – whew, we made it!
  • Retirement of a beloved teacher or principal


2. Promote Special Events

Successful annual schoolwide festivals, PTA-sponsored activities and one-off special events such as a concert all need pre-promotion as well as recognition during the event and afterward. Decorated tees serve as mobile billboards. Change up the tee design or color each year (be sure to add the date), and you’ll create a collection of keepsakes your supporters will be clamoring for.


3. Just for Teachers

  • Proud 2nd grade teacher
  • Amazing math teacher
  • I’ve taught at Magic Rabbit Elementary for HOW long?
  • Middle school is a state of mind, but I seem to have lost mine
  • Fridays are for fun – reading for fun, that is


4. Grade Level Shout-Outs

Every kid, from kindergarteners through high school seniors, wants the world to know where they are in this continuum. Create a special tee for each grade, and you’ll have willing customers plus a fresh new crop of them every year.


5. Clubs and Academic Teams

Not everyone is an athlete. Lots of students show their personal talents and style in activity clubs and academic teams and competitions. Sense of belonging starts with inclusiveness, so be sure all your student organizations have their own unique tees.


6. Parents and PTA/PTO

Proud mom, dad, grandma, baby brother – everyone who loves a student wants their own specially-designated version of the official school tee. Official parent organizations need their own unique recognition, too. Students may be the “body” of your school, but parents build the foundation when it comes to school spirit and support.


7. Fundraisers

Sports teams create “awareness apparel” to spread the word (and, often, to raise money) for specific causes such as Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Schools can do the same, using tee shirts as a vehicle to increase awareness of fundraisers or community projects. Even better, create decoration variations to identify volunteers or serve as prizes for top fundraising achievers.


You can designate specific merchandise in your store to raise awareness and/or money, but SquadLocker makes it easy to set up ongoing fundraising, too.


Tee shirts advertise and advocate on behalf of your school and everything you stand for. Planning a new design? One great way to generate excitement is to get everyone engaged right from the start. Hold a design contest – or an ideas contest – and let our professional designers here at SquadLocker put the finishing touches on the winning design, so your decoration looks simply fabulous.

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