6 Tools for a Stress-Free Registration Season

December 27, 2016

Gary Goldberg

It’s that time again. Spring is rapidly approaching so it’s time that you start planning for your team’s preseason, and ordering your custom team gear should definitely make that list.

There are a great deal of variables in a team gear purchase that it can become stressful rather quickly. That’s why we, at SquadLocker, pride ourselves on making this stressful process as seamless as possible - from the quality of our work to the available tools on our site. If you’re wondering what makes our process simpler than competitors’, check out the tools below.


The Video and Virtual Tour

 Building team gear is a time-consuming preseason ritual, not to mention that the sheer number of suppliers can make your head spin. We know this, which is why we have a free virtual tour of our offerings to help you on your path to custom team gear. Making big purchases takes lots of research and certainty, so watch the informational video on our homepage if you’re not quite ready to take the tour.  


The SquadLocker Interface

Some websites are a pain to navigate. There’s no clear direction, nothing engages you and finding the simplest things takes too long. We don’t expect you to waste time wandering around a website. From our homepage to team stores, our site is designed with your end-goal in mind, so that you can give your attention to the things that require it most. Your Team Store is easier than ever to build, which ensures that your gear is the perfect fit for you.

Our user-friendly interface allows you to quickly and efficiently navigate our site, build your team store and facilitate fundraising.


The SquadLocker Graphic Designers

Designing a quality graphic is tough for a graphic design novice. We understand this, which is why we have a team of design professionals ready to handle your every need. If you want your logo modified - such as cleaning it up or removing the background - our design team can handle that for you. Even if you don’t have a logo, we’ll make sure that your team stands out by designing a quality logo for FREE! Our graphic designers are here to ensure that your team’s personality shines through their gear, even if you’re not versed in creating graphics.



Let’s face it...team sports can get expensive. There are an incredible amount of expenses to consider, and team gear is likely to be one of the biggest. This has made fundraising a necessary component for many teams and organizations, which is why we’ve made sure to include an option for fundraising on your Team Store. The price of the items in your Team Store will be increased by whatever percentage you specify, then your organization will receive a check after 4 to 6 weeks of your store closing. Stop wasting time fundraising the old-fashioned way!


League Management Software

If you’re in charge of a league, or are the principal outfitter for one, your SquadLocker store can be used as an exclusive shop for your entire league or organization. Each team has the ability to upload their individual logos to our site and create their own Team Store using our convenient tools listed above - all under the umbrella of your league.

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