5 Top Social Media Tips for Schools

October 26, 2020

Christine Snyder

Social media is playing a larger role as a means of communications while schools are either completely or partially remote. What are best practices when it comes to social media? What’s the right platform to use? Should you use multiple platforms? How often do you post? Who should manage the accounts?

A recent episode of the Multipurpose Room podcast, “Best Practices for Managing Your School or PTA Social Media Account,” talks about how schools, PTAs, and PTOs can connect with their audience, create engaging content, and effectively manage their social media accounts.

Guest Matthew Desilet, social media veteran and Marketing Director at SquadLocker, provides tips for schools looking to use social media most effectively.


Social media guru Matt Desilet’s tips for schools:

1. You don’t have to be on every platform.

What platform are your students and parents using? If your students aren’t on MySpace or Reddit, don’t spend your time there. Focus where your audience is.


2. For elementary and middle school, the audience is more parents as young students aren’t generally on social media.

What are the demographics of the parents? Who can best address this group? Don’t overthink it – use someone who is familiar and knows what type of content this group needs.


3. For high school, students are more the audience.

A junior or senior student is a great source for generating good, relatable content with an adult/teacher supervisor who can approve their postings. Yes, the right student can be valuable in this position.


4. Whether you choose Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other platforms, commit to your plan and actively engage for at least half the year.

You can’t measure your success or failure in just a month. Give it time.


5. Be thoughtful about your posts.

Share more original content rather than sharing articles and external information. Be the source of true and provide the accurate information that parents need from the school.


Social media is always involving. You don’t necessarily have to follow all the tips and tricks you’ll find on the Internet. Be innovative, and tailor your social media plan to your school community.


About Multipurpose Room Podcast

Multipurpose Room podcast, supported by SquadLocker, is hosted by strategic partner K-12 Clothing, a PTA-Dad created business that provides high-quality school apparel while increasing access to educational resources through fundraising in schools. The Multipurpose Room provides real-life issues that PTAs, PTOs, and school staff are dealing with and offers practical tips.


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