Social Media 101 for Schools

October 13, 2020

Christine Snyder

Social media is a powerful tool in education, but it can be overwhelming trying to figure out where your school or group should start. Should you manage accounts for all major tools or just one? If just one, which one? How do you get your community to engage?

A recent episode of the Multipurpose Room podcast, “Where to Start with Social Media for Your School, PTA or PTO,” answers these questions and more. Hosts Debora Jones and Wes Jones share social media 101 basics, including best practices with the social media tools used most often in education – Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


Which social media is best?

Each tool has a little something different to offer. Facebook is your “do-it-all” platform for announcing school and sports news, upcoming events, and more, and you can use text, photos or video. Instagram is a visual-driven platform that’s best for video and pictures, and is great for boosting school morale. Twitter is more text-driven and a great tool for what’s happening in real-time, like school closings and other news flashes.


Social media best practices

Regardless of the platform, here are some best practices:

1. Video is king: Photos get more attention on social media than straight text, but video is the big winner. Video engages users longer and provides a better experience. Ensure best quality for both photos and video for more likes and comments.


2. Use free social tools: There are many free tools to enhance photos and video in each of the platforms as well as in your app store. Simply search on free tools for whatever social platform you are using to make your photos and video more visually appealing.


3. Use Hashtags: Hashtags are an identifying tool, used to unite conversations from different users in a single group or stream. They can be found by searching for a hashtag or clicking on one. #PTA #PTO #schooluniforms


Above all, remember to keep your posts fun, information, and engaging so your school community feels welcomed and informed. To listen to this episode to learn more, go here.

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