Women's Lacrosse Training Tips: A Modern Twist

March 18, 2016

Andrew Walters

Getting ready for the upcoming Lacrosse season should include a mix of cardio and strength workouts, as well as ball throwing, catching and stick training to improve your game. If your team is a bit sick of the typical 5-mile endurance run or the boring wall-ball routines, here’s a few tips to put a modern twist on their Lacrosse workout.


Wall Balls, With A Twist

Growing tired of facing that wall for twenty minutes a day with the same old routine? Shake things up by adding a some twists and movements to your wall ball routine. Try moving laterally back and forth in front of the wall, alternating hands and leading passes. Give it an extra twist by throwing right, and then run left facing the wall. Then try throwing left, followed by running right facing the wall again. Alternate your classic stationary wall balls with these fast-paced moving routines for Lacrosse training that keeps you on your toes.

To The Ladders, For Agility

Bust out those agility ladders to hone-in your quick Lacrosse movements. Kick up their boring routine by stepping outside of the box, or rather – the ladder. Working not just inside, but also outside the agility ladders will improve your quick-stepping abilities and speed. As they move from an agility routine and stepping outside the ladder, have a teammate toss you a ball. Learning to stay alert to catch while still maintaining foot coordination will keep them upright and moving efficiently in an actual Lacrosse game.

Interval Sprints as a Workout

Skip the long-distance runs and focus on short, powerful sprints to increase endurance this season. Lacrosse is all about speed and power on the field, and the faster their running time is, the quicker they’ll be to make the goal. Try sprint intervals in sections of 20-40 seconds full power, and then recover at a jogging pace for 45 seconds to 1 minute. Sprints will not only improve their running abilities, but also up their endurance and improve heart health.

Chopping Ropes, For Core Strength

Not literally chopping ropes, of course. Put the axe down. But, the whole “chopping” action will get their core strong for those quick Lacrosse movements. Set-up their gym workout with a cable machine at their side and a pad until the knee furthest away from the cable machine. Set the cable weights at a comfortable level (but still challenging), then have them kneel down and start chopping. Sound confusing? Check out a video of this core training drill here.

More Intervals, Just For Fun

Intervals are fun if you make them fun. You’ve got your interval sprints going on to improve your Lacrosse team's speed and endurance – but interval training can also be applied to several other Lacrosse workouts. Try interval rotations with push-ups to side-shuffles across the field and throw in some stationary squats for an extra boost of power. Intervals are great for cardio and endurance – but combining them with strength training and weights will be even more beneficial for the Lacrosse season.

As the women’s Lacrosse season approaches, training becomes imperative to prepare for success. By putting a modern twist on your old routines, your team will not only stay interested in training, but also improve their agility and performance to make for a great season.

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