Why You Should Absolutely Add Baby Apparel to Your Store (And Not Just Because It's Cute)

October 17, 2020


Why do schools and sports teams put their logos on infant and toddler apparel? It’s not because these tiny garments will fit any of their students or athletes, let alone teachers, coaches, or parents. It’s because baby apparel is CUTE! There’s just something so appealing about seeing things in miniature.

Plus, let’s be totally honest here. We want our littles to grow up from Day One knowing just which school or team to root for. You can never start too early building your fan base.


Your Store Needs a Big Selection of Small Apparel

As always, SquadLocker has you covered. Our crack merchandise lookouts have assembled quality, practical wearables that will become fully adorable when custom decorated with your unique artwork. Just click here to see for yourself.

Now, don’t get distracted when you go to that apparel home page. Yes, there are many categories of great spirit wear to check out, but we’re on a mission here to find the cutest outfits and accessories for the pre-school set. So click on Infant and Toddler and let’s have a look at what you could add to your store.



Whoa! There’s still a mind-boggling assortment of options – all of them opportunities to tempt sales, broaden community awareness and show off your spirit in style. Exactly what babies and toddlers would choose for themselves, if only they had the sartorial eye and experience.

  • Onesies with short or long sleeves
  • Full-zip hoodies
  • Pullover hoodies
  • Shorts
  • Tees
  • Bibs (sorry, no adult sizes available, you’ll have to use towels for your lobster feed)


Soft, plush, toasty. All very cool. Kid-approved for comfort and style, mom-approved for easy care and easy wardrobe decisions. That’s the spirit!

And colors? Of course there are lots of colors to choose from, traditional to trendy. After all, even babies want apparel that coordinates (or contrasts) handsomely with your logo.


Who Buys Infant & Toddler Wear?

Your most ardent supporters!

  • Parents. Grandparents. Great-grandparents. Aunts, uncles, cousins . . .
  • Alumni.
  • Anyone looking for the best-ever maternity shower gift. Can’t top this gift for uniqueness and maximum cuteness quotient.
  • Anyone looking for a little humorous competition with a friend who attended Some Other School or, heaven forbid, who cheers for That Other Team.


Every baby and toddler has to wear something. Shouldn’t it something that shows off your brand?


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