Volleyball — Passing and Setting

October 20, 2016

Todd Grant

The majority of every volleyball game is passing and setting. Although they are two different disciplines, they are directly related, meaning one happens as a result of the other. The success of every game lies on the ability of team members to pass and set the ball, and although youth teams typically aren’t focused on developing setting skills, they can certainly focus their attention on strengthening their basic passing skills.


Passing is one of the most fundamental aspects of volleyball.

After the ball is received from the serve, your offense can go into action. In many youth or junior leagues, sometimes just getting the ball over the net is offense enough, but as players become more adept, the ball needs to be passed another player who can aim and put it over the net for a chance to gain a point or get the serve back.

Passing is always done on the fingertips using two hands. The higher the ball is pushed into the air, the more time a teammate has to react and guide the ball to a specific place. For youth or junior teams, each pass should be initially pushed forward toward the net, allowing a forward player to guide the ball over the net, hopefully into a spot on the opposite court that makes it difficult or impossible to return.


Setting is the second step of passing, and it can be done to either dump the ball over into an undefended spot or to “set” the ball into a position that allows the hitter to spike it over.  

The perfect set is a high ball, just inches from the net. This gives the hitter an opportunity to hit it to virtually any side or even to the rear of the opposing court. The possibilities of placement diminish the further away the ball is set from the net. If the ball is set inches away from the net, the hitter has the flexibility to hit it anywhere they want. Alternatively, a set that is feet away from the net only allows the hitter to aim for the back of the opposing court, making the ball easier to defend and return.

Passing and Setting

Passing and setting go together like peanut butter and jelly—one compliments the other and, if done right, this is where game points can be earned.

There are three touches on the ball during every play. Generally, the first touch is to defend against the other team’s ball coming over the net. The second, more-controlled touch, should be a pass toward the net for the “set.” The third and final touch should be the strike. When the pass and set are done effectively, it gives the offense the best chance to score a point.

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