The SquadLocker Onboarding Team Makes Your Life As Easy As Possible

August 19, 2016

Tiffany Omicioli

Meet Charlie, CJ, and Max. They're the SquadLocker Onboarding Team, and their job is to ensure you have the smoothest possible experience when building your own branded TeamLocker team store!


You might ask, "What's an Onboarding Team?" Well, simply put, we want every single SquadLocker user to have the best possible experience with our website. Since our approach to team gear is so different than other stores, we recognize that aspects of it might be unfamiliar to newcomers. So, we go out of our way to resolve any issues people might have getting started with the site, and get them on their way to building their free TeamLocker store as quickly as possible.


Just like the SquadLocker approach to team gear is new and revolutionary, so is our approach to customer support. That's where Charlie, CJ, and Max come in.


Proactive Onboarding: Solving Problems Before You Even Have To Ask

During business hours, our Onboarding Team is constantly watching over the site and its users like helpful guardian angels, looking for any problems that might be coming up. We can see what everyone is doing on the site, and that means we can spot potential problems the moment they start to occur.


If someone is having trouble filling out forms, or experiencing difficulty uploading their logo graphics files, we can proactively send chat messages offering assistance. If needed, the team can walk you through every stage of the process to ensure everything is perfect.


Basically, no other online store has tried a system like this, and based on customer feedback our users love it.


Or, if you're working with the site outside of normal business hours, we've also got an auto-messaging system in place that attempts to help out. But, of course, you can always ignore the messages if you prefer to do it yourself!


We also do our best to make the more difficult areas of setup as painless as possible.


Presenting The Pain-Free Logo Design

Probably the biggest issue people have with the site is uploading logos which are in the right format to be used on custom-products. They have to be in a border-less, background-less, PNG format. However, if you don't know how to do this, it's not a problem!


Our graphics department scans all the logos uploaded each day, verifying each one looks good and is in the right format. If it's not... they go ahead and fix it. Then they message you with the results to see if you're happy. If not, we'll keep working with you until you've got the perfect logo.


But what if you don't have the resources to create a great logo, or you're working with an old design that's clearly decades out of date? We'll make you a new logo.


For free.


After all, a great team deserves a great logo. And a great logo is going to drive a lot more merchandise sales, which means more profits for you and for us. It's just one more cutting-edge service SquadLocker provides to help guarantee that we are the premiere option in affordable custom-branded team gear.


In fact, it's so effective that well less than one percent of our customers have any issues with the logo on their final products. We put in that extra effort at the beginning of the process specifically to ensure the end result is excellent every time.

(And in the super rare cases the final product isn't perfect, we have an any-reason six-month return policy on all purchased gear.)


SquadLocker Does Custom Gear Better

We know a lot of online sites say they're better than the rest, but SquadLocker can truly back it up with policies that are without parallel in the custom apparel industry. No one else offers true DIY self-serve ordering like we do. No one else allows smaller squads to have the exact same high-quality branded gear as big league teams, from names like Under Armour, Adidas, and Nike.


And no one else has an entire team dedicated to making sure every user has a problem-free experience with the website.


So when you're browsing around SquadLocker's features or starting to build your own free TeamLocker store, know that Charlie, CJ, and Max are looking out for you and ready to swoop in whenever you need a little help.

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