The Perfect Uniform, One at a Time

June 8, 2020


Here at SquadLocker we love to talk about how sports uniforms build team and individual pride, because it’s true. But what if your uniform is a hand-me-down or a leftover, “decorated” with duct tape? We’re not talking about sand lot ball here, we’re talking about real-life coaches having to make do with whatever they can find to “personalize” uniforms when late-arrival players join their team.

Coaches tell us they have to use duct tape, or electrical tape, or masking tape or some other DIY means to add names and numbers – or to first cover up the old ones before adding the new. What kid could possibly take pride in that outfit? “Welcome to the team”? Not exactly. And the other players? That make-do look drags down the whole team brand. It is dis-spiriting, to say the least.

It’s hard to make the best of a situation that is simply no good. And your coach should not have to moonlight as MacGyver. The problem here is bulk ordering, and it is entirely avoidable. (Did we just hear a resounding cheer from sports team admins and coaches everywhere?)


SquadLocker to the rescue!

Kids come in different sizes, but you’re not clairvoyant. Most sources require you to order in bulk to get a better price and to get the team-tailored decoration you want. That’s because they have to get set up to do the decorating, and they want to amortize the effort and cost over lots of items. And that’s why bulk orders require minimum numbers, something that can be especially trying for small teams.

As admin, you get just one shot at the goal – outfitting your team for the season. You have to order extras uniforms because stuff happens and because it’s not unusual for players to sign up late. They’ll need a uniform, too.

But wait. What if the extras you ordered don’t fit the new player? Tape won’t fix that. Sports uniforms are specifically designed to fit comfortably as well as functionally. Ill-fitting garments can make it difficult to move properly, they can bind and chafe or bag loosely, they can be an overall distraction instead of a performance-enhancer for players. To us, that’s not fair play.


Just say no to minimums

We created SquadLocker because we think every player should get a uniform that is exactly right. And because we wanted to give a winning assist to hard-working team admins. You don’t have to be clairvoyant to order uniforms from us – or spirit wear, for that matter. All you have to do is choose the items you want from our vast lineup of quality brands, then let us know what decoration you want. Individual players or parents, coaches and fans order on their own, online 24/7, and we deliver straight to them.

Need 100 of something? Done. Need just one? Done. Exactly right in every way

And, by the way, our talented design experts will even help you create better or brand new logos for free. You can put down your colored pencils now, with a sigh of relief. (Was that another big cheer we just heard from admins and coaches everywhere? We thought so.)

No minimums. Lots of stylish uniform choices at budget-friendly “good, better, best” pricing levels. Decoration included. Shipping in as little as 3 days for many items. Teaming up with SquadLocker is simpler in every way and fair to everyone. You’ll have to find another use for all that tape, but we’re guessing no one will complain.


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