The Importance of Brand in Your Team Gear

February 6, 2016

Todd Grant

When choosing your team gear for the upcoming season, it is essential to think about not just the look, but also quality and durability. Your team members will spend countless hours in their uniforms this season, and they won’t be sitting around. Their gear needs to uphold its look and form until the last game of the season and beyond. With quality and durability in mind, as a coach you should recognize the importance of the brand in your team gear. Consider the impact brand has on your team gear's durability and wear ability.


Under Armour Team Gear Benefits

There are several types of premium sports brands for teams to choose from, including Under Armour. Team players and their parents want their team gear with a known brand, high quality, and maximum durability. It’s as simple as that. Here are some benefits of choosing Under Armour team gear.


  • Durability 

    It is no question that Under Armour team gear is some of the most durable gear out there. Under Armour uses high quality materials in each of their items. Features like “Amour Grip” make sure the gear stays in place. Four-way stretch materials make sure the gear moves with its wearer and improves mobility. Another durable feature is the “flat lock” style of seaming used by Under Armour to prevent chafing and rest smoothly against the player’s skin.
  • Breathability  

    You and your players are sure to work up a sweat, during practice and during games. Stay dry and keep ventilated with breathable, high-quality materials from Under Armour. Their team gear wicks away moisture from the skin and has strategically placed ventilation to keep players cool and dry in every kind of climate.
  • Temperature Control 

    It doesn’t matter what climate your team is from or what season you’re playing in Under Armour team gear offers options for all. Their gear lines are cold gear, all-season gear, and heat gear. Choose a gear that suits your team sport and the type of climate you’re playing in. From extreme cold to extreme heat and everything in between, they’ve got you covered.

Under Armour Team Gear Options

From compression shirts and tights, to hoodies, practice gear and sideline warm-ups, the variety of Under Armour team gear is enormous. The Under Armour brand also makes equipment bags, which can be customized with your high-quality printed logo. Here is a list of the top Under Armour team gear items.


  • Compression Gear

    Compression shirts and tights are popular and functional. Under Armour compression gear helps increase power, stamina and muscle functionality. The “second-skin” feel is also light and cool, keeping players dry and comfortable all day long.

  • Customizable Jerseys

    The jerseys offered by Under Armour come in every color, shape and size imaginable, customizable to each team’s wishes. New “Armour Grid” technology in Under Armour team gear is a specially formed fabric that makes players “ungrabbable” by the opposite team. The material is lightweight, high quality and makes sure that your players can’t be stopped.

  • “Armour Fuse” Gear

    Appropriate for soccer teams, track and field, practice gear and more, “Armour Fuse” is a popular choice for Under Armour team gear. Lightweight, stretchable, breathable and moisture wicking, this gear option will keep your team comfortable all season long.

  • Under Armour Training Gear

    Training gear from Under Armour comes in all shapes and sizes. Training gear includes warm-up pants and shorts, moisture-wicking training t-shirts, comfortable hoodies and functional zip-ups, as well as equipment bags to carry loads of gear to and from practices.



With so many benefits and options available from Under Armour, it makes sense why coaches, players and parents choose branded gear like Under Armour to get them through the season. Not only do these items have a great look, they are durable and functional and will last throughout the entire season. Players and parents want a quality product from a quality brand. It’s that simple.

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