Sublimated Apparel Is Winning Big

September 23, 2020

Christine Snyder

As soon as your custom shirt, jacket, or uniform arrives in the mail with your team’s logo, it’s a must to put it right on to see what you think. Immediately, you determine it’s comfortable, fits like a glove, and you love the way it looks. It was all a simple and quick process to order and fast to ship. But have you thought about what goes on behind the scenes to create your new favorite garb?

At SquadLocker, we use three types of imprinting to ensure every customer gets the look they are going for with every custom item. Our in-house fulfillment options ensure we are delivering on virtually every need of schools, teams, and other organizations.


Sublimation Fuses Ink into the Fabric

Nearly two years ago, SquadLocker added sublimated apparel to their catalog, and it’s winning big. Sublimated apparel virtually eliminates any design limitations. It’s a more precise form of decoration where heated dye is infused with the fabric’s fibers rather than being printed on the surface. Sometimes referred to as digital printing, the method allows your custom graphic to keep its crisp look even when the garment is washed and stretched.


How It Works

Sublimation works beautifully with simple or very detailed graphics. It is best-suited for garments made with polyester fabrics, commonly used for high-performance athletic and athleisure wear.

Sublimation has been particularly popular for team uniforms. Our sublimated uniforms are carefully selected and designed with maximum saturation, which means your uniforms look great no matter what color you choose or design you use. The decoration will never fade, flake, or crack because the high-penetration inks are fused into the fabric.


Partnering With Top Brands

We partner with a wide variety of brands for sublimated uniforms and other apparel, including Under Armor, Adidas, and Champro, among others.

Reach out to your dedicated apparel expert to determine if sublimation is right for your next project!

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