23 Stats On How Our Neighborhoods Have Changed Before & After COVID

December 6, 2020

Anum Hussain

The glue that once held communities together — schools, festivals and events, parties and social gatherings, sports — have all been impacted by the pandemic and have shifted the way we look at and feel about our communities. But that community is vitally important.

While it doesn’t take an extensive study to prove that our school communities have suffered in light of the pandemic, we decided to explore it anyways. After speaking with over 650 members of various school communities, we learned just how large COVID’s impact has been on our communities. Check it out in this SlideShare, or scroll through the stats below.

General Community Stats

Earlier this year, we heard from over 600 coaches about how COVID-19 has

94% agree that community is important to them - and is an important factor where to purchase a home. (Click to Tweet!)

99% want to feel a sense of community where they live. (Click to Tweet!)

More than half said that opportunities for new members to meet people (53%) and for neighborly bonds to be formed and strengthened (51%) contributed to the strength of their community. (Click to Tweet!)

95% agree and for neighborly bonds to be formed and strengthened (51%) contributed to the strength of their community. (Click to Tweet!)

94% say it's important to them to feel included in their chosen community. (Click to Tweet!)

89% believe the best communities are diverse. (Click to Tweet!)

Over 80% describe their ideal community as generationally (88%) and racially (84%) diverse. (Click to Tweet!)

77% agree on the importance of socioeconomic diversity, while 67% agree on the importance of political diversity. (Click to Tweet!)

58% say their kids having the opportunity to play safely contributed to their positive feelings about their communities. (Click to Tweet!)

56% named their kids having opportunities to form friendships as a positive aspect of their own communities. (Click to Tweet!)

Prior to COVID

78% responded that they lived in a "tight-knit" community. (Click to Tweet!)

3/4 reported spending time actively contributing to their communities. (Click to Tweet!)

96% either loved (50%) or liked (46%) the neighborhood they lived in. (Click to Tweet!)

73% said they regularly attended community festivals (73%) and neighborhood gatherings (68%). (Click to Tweet!)

66% reported regularly using shared communal amenities such as pools and gyms. (Click to Tweet!)

82% agreed it was easy to meet neighbors and fellow community members. (Click to Tweet!)

COVID-19’s Impact

55% say it's easy to meet neighbors and fellow communities. (Click to Tweet!)

Only 24% report that their community still offers regular events. (Click to Tweet!)

35% confess that they don't actively spend time contributing to their community. (Click to Tweet!)

63% report that their community is not as tight-knit as it was before the pandemic. (Click to Tweet!)

69% said they maintained strong bonds with neighbors. (Click to Tweet!)

57% say their sense of community has dropped. (Click to Tweet!)

People feel 9x less connected to their communities than before COVID. (Click to Tweet!)

47% believe it will never be the same again. (Click to Tweet!)

Fostering a School Community Amidst a Pandemic

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