The SquadLocker Vision Serving Volunteers and Mentors

July 26, 2016

Brooke Tomasetti

When you visit your TeamLocker to pick out new gear for the upcoming season, you might not be thinking about SquadLocker’s “company vision” or the technology involved on the back-end. Actually, let’s hope you aren’t thinking about those things. As a youth sports coach, team volunteer, team manager or the average sports parent, you’ve already got enough on your mind. It is SquadLocker’s vision to serve you – and that includes helping you think as little as possible about the process of selecting, purchasing and distributing team gear and uniforms.


Around four years ago on the field at a sports tournament for his son, SquadLocker’s Founder and CEO Gary Goldberg had the brilliant idea of using technology to ease the process of team apparel purchasing. Surrounded by all those teams, all those young athletes and those many (sometimes frustrated) coaches and mentors – Goldberg saw an opportunity to fill a void in the youth sports apparel world. How do you supply uniforms, team gear, and accessories to sports teams and their staff as quickly and effortlessly as possible? He asked the question, and the answer is what you see today in your TeamLocker.


SquadLocker’s vision has lead to an investment in state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, partnerships with top sports apparel brands and the best software engineers around. The company’s commitment to easing the uniform-buying process allows you as a coach to spend time on what really matters – coaching. By saving time using an online ordering platform, there will be more minutes for practice, more hours for mentoring and more days for coaching. The stress of choosing uniform brands, collecting order forms, gathering payments or worrying about the size and fit for each kid will be no more. With an easy-to-use platform, uniform selection for the season may actually become a fun and enjoyable experience.


Enjoyment is key to the SquadLocker vision. As a volunteer coach, team manager or administrator, you are investing your time and energy into improving the lives of young athletes. Coaching young students can be such a rewarding experience, and possibly the most enjoyable job you’ll ever volunteer for. It seems unfair for the adults who volunteer their time to coach to instead have to spend their time sorting paperwork, payments, and messy order forms. By developing a streamlined, efficient system for selecting uniforms, uploading logos, and customizing gear – SquadLocker offers you the opportunity to skip the messy task of ordering uniforms and focus instead on enjoying your job as team coach.


With competitive prices and quality products, you’ll find everything you need on SquadLocker to outfit your team for the season. As CEO Gary Goldberg envisioned four years ago – combining team uniforms with new online technology becomes a winning solution to an unsolved problem. Today, coaches and volunteers everywhere can create a TeamLocker for their sports team. Uploading logos is easy, choosing colors and materials is a breeze and customization options make things just that much cooler. In a world of fast-paced technology, your time is precious. Saving hours by choosing an online ordering option for selecting your team apparel is the solution to creating more precious time to spend with the young athletes on your team. Get out of that desk chair and onto the field, and start enjoying coaching again.

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