Spend more time Coaching, SquadLocker Partners with SportsPilot

May 27, 2016

Todd Grant

Spend more time coaching, less time on administration

As a coach for a youth sports team, you are most likely familiar with the endless administrative tasks of collecting payments, distributing uniforms and collecting messy order forms. If you’re a new coach - then well, you’re in for a surprise. Unfortunately, coaches nowadays are so bogged down by administrative duties for the team that they are unable to spend time on the things that they actually signed up for: mentoring and coaching. SquadLocker is helping a growing number of teams make the switch to a new uniform ordering platform that allows their coaches to get away from the administrative desk and onto the field where they belong.

New Partnerships Means Better Team Business

Recently pairing with SportsPilot, an amateur sports IT services company, SquadLocker is now helping an even larger number of teams and coaches get their team uniforms together quick so they can spend more time on the field. With a simple ordering platform that allows coaches to choose their uniform materials and colors, upload their team logo in a high quality format, and share their online “store” with team members, family and fans – the local athletic apparel market is in for quite of a stir. This new partnership will help more teams by easing their uniform ordering process and making the administration side of things run smoother.

Ron Toupal, SportsPilot’s president states, “As one of the most established IT providers for amateur youth sports, SportsPilot is always looking to provide new, innovative services to our leagues and sport facilities.  SquadLocker is able to address one of the more difficult tasks in youth sports when it comes to team apparel.  Their state of the art software allows coaches and leagues the ability to have their own branded gear ready for purchase in just minutes, while allowing the organizers to focus more on their members instead of worrying about merchandise orders.  We are excited to now offer SquadLocker to all of our customers as part of SportsPilot's full suite of sports management applications, and look forward to building our partnership for many years to come.”  

Allowing More Time for Coaching

A new type of ordering system allows more time for coaching youth sports teams and less time for administrative duties. Not only is the ordering system easy to use, it saves an ample amount of time for coaches and team managers. Coaches want to spend their time doing what they do best – and that is mentoring young players and helping them get better at their game. A team with a great coach who is not distracted by the huge pile of order forms on their desk; or distracted by uncollected payments and undistributed uniforms will be a better coach. There will be more time for team drills, practice runs and scrimmages.

Great Uniform Choices for Youth Sports Teams

Besides creating more time for coaching and practicing for youth sports teams, the online ordering platform also provides a large selection of high-quality sports wear that might not be available in small local stores. Specialty branded hoodies, t-shirts, footwear and gear are now available to any team, right at their fingertips. High quality team logos can be printed on bright colors and durable materials – and are completed quickly and shipped fast. The instant online store allows coaches to quickly share uniform options with their team members, as well as send the online link to parents, fans, and team managers. With an easy online payment system (and an option to fundraise money for the team), coaches no longer need to worry about collecting payment from parents and team members.

SquadLocker Loves Teams

The main goal of this partnership is to provide the highest quality of uniforms to as many sports team as possible and provide the easiest method of ordering for sports teams, coaches and team managers. An easy ordering system means coaches can get back to coaching and mentoring and away from their desks. Offering high quality brands, durable materials and the lowest possible cost are also priorities. Add some fast delivery and incredible customer service, and you’ve got a winning combination. That winning combination for uniform ordering makes sure that coaches have time to make their team a winning team.

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