Soccer Uniforms: What’s Hot for 2020?

June 9, 2020


A new soccer season calls for new uniforms. It’s all about identity – looking your best while playing your best to outscore the opposing team.


Professional soccer teams the world over are almost as proud to reveal their new uniforms as they are to announce the signing of a hot new player to the team. For 2020, there’s no single hot trend among the pros. Columbus Crew is simply adding a subtle checkboard motif to their black jersey. São Paulo FC is putting their famous vertical stripes both front and back on their away jersey. The New York Red Bulls are going “retro” with a red-on-black design they call “Dark Mode.” And in Miami? Well, they’re all about shades of pink for their kit.


And, by the way, have you seen FC Barcelona’s flashy new protective face masks styled to reflect their famous brand? Hmmmm. Something to think about adding to your team’s fan wear collection.


It’s time to get busy on your 2020 design, too

After all, soon it will be time for your players to order their uniforms. You could follow the lead of some pro team to create this year’s design, but whatever you choose, keep in mind that the hottest trend for 2020 is actually a time-honored one: Design that celebrates your team brand.

Your name and logo are yours alone, and how you display them or embellish on them is what sets your uniforms apart from every other team’s. One look at your kit and, home or away, everyone knows you’re the team to beat – a powerhouse on the pitch and off.

But soccer uniforms can be pricey, and your school or organization probably doesn’t have a pro-size budget. So where can you get great-looking gear that scores big in looks, comfort and practicality without sacrificing affordability?


See what we’ve got . . .

At SquadLocker you’ll find uniforms from the best names, styled to fit your budget and ready to carry your team’s unique decoration all the way to the goal. We’ve made it simple to outfit your team at the level that suits you most comfortably:


1. MVP – good quality jerseys and shorts from Augusta that are always in stock in all sizes and colors. MVP kits come with standard decoration, ship in as fast as 3 days, and are typically our most affordable option. Plus these uniforms come with hassle-free returns! Choose from:

High Five Sheffield jersey in 20 colors

Cutter men’s or ladies jersey in white or 24 colors with contrasting sleeves

Hawk shorts in 8 colors

Pulse shorts for ladies in 11 colors with contrasting side panel

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2. Stock – better quality everyday uniforms that include standard decoration and ship in 5-7 days. We offer four options here:

UA Maquina 2.0 jersey and matching shorts in 7 colors

Adidas Entrada18 jersey in 12 colors and coordinating Parma 16 shorts in 5 colors

Augusta High Five Hawk jersey in 20 colors, to pair with August MVP Hawk shorts in 8 colors

Alleson Striker jersey in 18 colors and Striker shorts in 6 colors

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3. Sublimated – our best quality uniforms that are fully customizable. You can go all out with decoration, but fully customized design does require a bit longer lead time. We offer three options here, all from UnderArmour:

Gametime crew or V-neck jersey for men or ladies, paired with Gametime 2.0 shorts

Keeper Armourfuse® longsleeve jersey in any color/decoration in the Armourfuse® collection

Practice pinnie, also longsleeve and available in any Armourfuse® color/decoration

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What else is hot for 2020?

Scoring your team’s uniforms in just 4 plays:

  • Choose the kit category that fits your needs (MVP, Stock, or Sublimated)
  • Choose the jerseys and shorts your team will love
  • Choose the design that sets you apart
  • Review and order with a SquadLocker Uniform Expert


Fast and convenient for admins, just as fast and convenient for players or parents:

  • Go online to the team store
  • Choose the right size uniform components
  • Add your name and number
  • Submit payment
  • Receive your uniform delivered right into your arms (well, to your front door)


No fuss. No contact. Uniforms that say “this is our year” boost camaraderie and excitement as well as pride among players, coaches, families and fans. Let the season begin!


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