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School Trivia Night: It’s All about the Questions

November 16, 2020

Christine Snyder

School trivia nights can be a great fundraiser, but how can it be easily done in today’s virtual world? How do you make it fun for all while raising money for your school? It’s all about the questions.

In a recent episode of the Multipurpose Room podcast, “Tips for Hosting a Trivia Night School Fundraiser,” hosts Debora Jones and Wes Jones are joined by Matt Hammond, owner of trivia company Hambone’s Trivia and expert on the subject, who provides tips for hosting a successful trivia night school fundraiser.


Best recipe for trivia night questions

Whether you use Hambone’s to organize your trivia night and provide all the questions, or you make up your own questions, here are some tips to make it fun while raising lots of money:


  • 1. Questions should require reason and not recall
  • 2. Topics should bridge demographics where people of all ages can engage and have fun
  • 3. Don’t make people feel dumb for not knowing obscure facts
  • 4. Use experiences and topics from everyday life that everyone is familiar with – just dive deeper
  • 5. The worse trivia is either too difficult or too easy – find the balance


Trivia nights are a fun, easy way to raise school funds while gathering your community together. With Hambone’s Trivia, schools only need to find sponsors for the event as well as players.

Listeners of this episode earn a discount on a trivia night by using a promo code shared in this episode. Listen and learn about how to interview potential trivia night providers, how teams band together, virtual verses in-person events, how to maximize money raised, and more here.


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