Put the Fun in Fundraising

November 9, 2020

Christine Snyder

Coming up with creative school fundraising ideas when the majority of today’s activities occur online is a challenge. In a recent episode of the Multipurpose Room podcast, “Creative Event Ideas for Your Next School Fundraiser,” guest Ryann Galloway Tacha, Director of Advancement at The Barstow School in Kansas City, shares lots of advice for any community – large and small. She has more than a decade of fundraising experience, and currently has a $1.2 million fundraising goal.

Ryann has launched many successful fundraising events this year in our new world of online events, and has many others in the works – from an online Zombie prom with themed gift baskets to a book club with a beloved teacher and master classes taught by experts in the community she serves.


Expert advice for fun and successful fundraising:

1. Yes, Zoom fatigue is real, but don’t let it deter you. If people are having a busy week online, they can watch the event – and donate – afterwards. Online fundraisers are working!

2. Access the experts and talent available in your community – parents and alumni who want to help. Try multiple, varying, small events to reach more people with different interests in different ways. An alumni who is a pastry chef teaching an online holiday cookie class and a book club are just a couple successful examples.

3. When it comes to brainstorming ideas, listen, learn, and don’t interrupt those who engage with you from the community. Relationships are what fundraising is all about, and listening is critical in building relationships.

4. Be sure to invite others into your thought process when brainstorming, planning, and executing any fundraiser.

5. There are different kinds of givers. Don’t forget about the donators who are willing to contribute big cash without the need for anything in return. Many who are able simply like to give back to their community when asked.

And perhaps above all – don’t forget to include the FUN in your fundraisers. It doesn’t always have to be about high dollar auction items. If people are having fun, they don’t mind paying for it.

To listen to this episode and learn more from expert fundraiser Ryann Galloway Tacha, visit the multipurpose podcast.


About Multipurpose Room Podcast

Multipurpose Room podcast, supported by SquadLocker, is hosted by strategic partner K-12 Clothing, a PTA-Dad created business that provides high-quality school apparel while increasing access to educational resources through fundraising in schools. The Multipurpose Room provides real-life issues that PTAs, PTOs, and school staff are dealing with and offers practical tips.


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