Pajama Party!

May 15, 2020


From Walmart to Nordstrom, online retailers say pants are out but tops are hot. You had to know this would happen. Stuck at home, everyone turned to video conferencing with friends, family, and co-workers and quickly realized that no one could see them below the waist. So while sales of pants dropped 13% between March and April, sales of tops soared. But most popular of all? Pajamas, posting a whopping 143% sales jump in April compared to March. 

PJs and sweats, fuzzy slippers (or cozy socks) -- a person could get used to this! Think of all the money you’re saving on buying the latest business attire, laundry and dry cleaning, etc. We even have a new word for our comfort-conscious wardrobe: athleisure wear. 

But, wait . . . there’s a problem here

Wearing your PJs all day felt great – until you realized your Hello Kitty PJ top was front-and-center during your video conference with the boss. Oops, time to upgrade, you decided. So like everyone else, you went online, shopping for new tops to wear at your home “office.” You’d show them – you’d look like the essence of businesslike efficiency from now on. You might be stuck at home, but you’re on the job! 

Only, sure enough, at your next video meeting, there was your colleague wearing the exact same top! Groan. What were you thinking?

Your favorite TV news anchors have been doing this for decades, by the way. Viewers can’t see them below the desktop, so why bother with uncomfortable suit pants, skirts and shoes when you can wear jeans and sneakers?! They aren’t allowed to wear athleisure, even up top, but you can. You just don’t want to get caught on camera wearing the Same Thing As Everyone Else! 

Custom-decorated comfort to the rescue

On the other hand, style points still count. After all, you’re not a slob, you’re merely taking smart advantage of less formal surroundings. And what’s the best way to score style points? With custom-decorated athleisure wear, of course. Every sports fan and team member knows the lift they get wearing a look that promotes their team. Now you can get that same lift with custom-decorated comfy wear. 

Pssst.... Use or share the code BCOMFY15 this weekend only to receive 15% off your team's orders - don't worry, it applies to PJs too!

Even your PJs will impress for success on screen if they’re emblazoned with your favorite team’s unique identity. (Who knows? When the boss realizes your kid is playing on the same team his kid played on a few years ago, you could be in for a raise!)

So get comfortable and make it easy on yourself – shop your own SquadLocker store. (Don’t have a store yet for your group? That’s easy as slipping into something comfortable, too. Build your store in just minutes!)

Of course, maybe the all-day pajama party isn’t really your thing. No sweat. Retail analysts say comfy-wear is already trending into summery must-haves such as shorts and tees. We’ve got you covered for right now and later on, with options beyond PJs including sweats, tees, shorts, and stadium blankets (just the thing for the couch or cool summer evenings outdoors sitting around the fire pit – yes, that day will come).

And don’t forget caps. Why bother to “do” your hair for a video meeting when you can simply top off your look with a colorful decorated cap? You’ll probably start a new trend among your co-workers and friends.

Dressing for success was never easier – or more comfortable! Let’s hear it for working from home. Or just staying at home and getting ready for your workplace, school, or local parks and ballfields to re-open. Looking good, people!

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