Open Your Holiday Stores Now to Ensure Delivery by Christmas

November 3, 2016

Gary Goldberg

Creating a “Holiday Store” for your sports team is the perfect way to spread holiday cheer with your teammates, parents and friends! With Holiday Stores, you can easily gift customized team gear, equipment and apparel without any fuss or hassle—and, when you order by November 16, your gifts are sure to arrive just in time for the holidays.


Here’s how it works:

Create Your Holiday Store

Every Holiday Store starts with a Team Store, and since every store is free to make, you can make as many different types of Team Stores that you want. If you already have a SquadLocker store, we recommend making an additional store that is specifically designated as your team’s Holiday Store.

Create and name your team’s Holiday Store, upload your team’s logo and choose your sport—easy, right? Now that you’ve successfully created your team’s Holiday Store, you can customize the types of gear in your store. For Holiday Store, you may want to include more options for customized-team apparel like clothing, jackets and bags that can easily be gifted to team members or their family. You can even offer gear personalized for each player, coaches or others. Feel free to play around with the colors and logos to design unique holiday gear for your team.


Timing is Everything

In order to ensure all of your customized team gifts make it home in time for the holidays, you need to set a store-closing date for your Holiday Store.


November 16 is the last day to close your store in order for your gifts to arrive in time for the holidays.


Anyone interested in purchasing gifts from your Holiday Store will need to order prior to when the store closes—prior to, or by November 16—to ensure delivery in time for the holidays. Your store is accessible up until the closing day.

Someone late to order? No worries—you can always extend your Holiday Store closing date with the click of a button, but if your store closing date is moved past November 16, we cannot guarantee your gifts will arrive in time for the holidays.


What About Logos

SquadLocker makes uploading your personalized team logo easier than ever before, and if you don’t have a team logo, SquadLocker has free, in-house graphic designers who can help to create the perfect logo for your team store.

Even if you already have a logo and just need some tweaks, the graphic design team can help. Upload your logo, click the “Logo Help” button and our team of graphic designers will make your edits for free.


It's All About Teamwork

SquadLocker offers your team a wide selection of customized sports equipment, apparel and gear from some of the most-respected brand names like Nike, Under Armor, Adidas and more. Simply create a Holiday Store for your team; invite players, coaches, family and friends to purchase the perfect gifts for your sports team; and get all your team gifts delivered in time for the holidays—just one more way SquadLocker keeps your team in the game all year round!

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