New Feature Sneak Peek! Multi-Store Checkout with Shared Cart

October 7, 2020

jennifer kovats

New features set to launch!

We're deploying an update this week that we're really excited about, and we know you will be too! You asked us to update our shopping cart features - and we heard you loud and clear! The update we're releasing allows your organization to:

  • Shop from multiple stores in an organization with one cart
  • Checkout from multiple stores with a single checkout flow
  • Pay a single shipping fee for multi-store purchases

What do I need to do to offer one-step checkout to my organization?

Nothing! The update will automatically apply to any organization with multiple stores.


Group 87@2x


How is this different from the previous shopping and checkout experience?

When customers wanted to purchase items from multiple stores in the past, they would have to go through a shopping and checkout process for each store they wanted to purchase from. After lots of feedback from you, and tons of research on our side - we realized we needed to update to make things easier and more transparent. Now, your customers can shop from multiple stores in your organization with a single cart. Even better? They can pay for items from multiple stores at the same time, with only a single shipping fee.


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