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Individual Soccer Training Drills

April 5, 2016

Andrew Howard

If you are looking for some great individual soccer training drills for yourself or your team to practice at home, the main goal is to focus on spending as much time with the soccer ball as possible. Learning to control the ball completely and make it do what you want it to do is key.

Individual Soccer Juggling Drills

You might not be in the circus, but get used to juggling. Juggling the soccer ball is one of the most basic training techniques to improve ball control and get you comfortable with soccer movements. Start small – maybe just six juggles in a row – and work your way up to the hundreds. The object of juggling the soccer ball is, of course, to not let it touch the ground. Work on drills that transition from your feet to thighs to head and shoulders, and then focus on the height of the soccer ball in the air. Start with below the waist, then below the head, and eventually try to juggle keeping the ball above the head with each pass. Soccer ball juggling is not only a lot of fun (and it looks pretty cool as well) but also a great way to build foot-eye coordination that will improve your game.

Running and Jogging Exercises for Individual Soccer Training

It’s no surprise that you’ll be running a lot during the soccer season, so it’s essential to work on your individual running and jogging skills. This will help you out on the field, keeping your endurance up and your game strong, while increasing your speed. Some of the best individual soccer training drills to improve speed are sprints. You can do sprints nearly anywhere. Try an interval circuit on your own that starts with light jogging to fast sprints, back to jogging and then into a full run. Moving in intervals between the different speeds is great for your muscles, as well as your overall endurance.

Soccer Dribbling Exercises

Looking to improve your dribbling skills on your own? Cones will be your new best friends. Get on the field and place some cones out. Try spacing them about 2 feet apart in a line or a triangle and work on dribbling the ball between the cones, using both sides (and tops and bottoms) of your feet. The close space of this cone drill will get your heart rate up and help you get better at quick touch dribbling movements. Another great cone drill is the classic version: line about 10 cones up on the field and weave through the cones as you dribble the ball from left to right. Move back and forth several times to complete this drill, making sure you spend an equal amount of time on each side.

Wall Workouts for Individual Soccer Training

These are individual soccer drills, so you won’t have a partner to help you out. Grab a friendly wall instead – your other soccer workout best friend (besides your cones). Wall balls are great for working on passes. Face the wall and throw the soccer ball against it. Catch the ball with your feet and pass back to the wall, catching the ball again and repeating in a series. Try 50 passes on your left foot, then 50 passes on your right foot. Throw some juggling in there in between if you’re feeling energetic. When working on individual soccer wall balls, make sure you concentrate on the basic movements – and work the inside of your foot as well as the top. You can even work chest passes against the wall, rotating between foot passes.

Training at home on an individual basis is great for the off-season, as well as in between practices. You shouldn’t need a whole team to better your skills, and remember that everything extra you do on your own will be a huge help to the success of your team. So grab that ball and start juggling!

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