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Community Face Masks: Staying Safe the Stylish Way

May 5, 2020


We used to think only the bad guys wore a mask, to hide their identity. But now, thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, community masks and face coverings have become a sign of caring and concern. Family, friends, neighbors and co-workers, we truly are in this together -- all on the same team because we are all community. Wearing face coverings and masks shows our solidarity and determination to look out for one another. It’s what teammates do.

Stay-at-home restrictions will probably lessen and may go away entirely over the coming weeks and months. But wearing face coverings in public – for shopping, work, sports and other play -- will continue to be important, along with social distancing and lots of hand washing. Heck, even the airlines have started requiring passengers as well as crew to be masked.

No worries, though. Here at SquadLocker, we’ve got you covered with community face coverings that are proven winners.

Don’t leave home without one

It’s entirely possible to have coronavirus and not know it. In fact, multiple studies have shown almost half of people who are infected with the virus have no symptoms. Experts tell us that, while the general public does not need medical-grade face masks, we do need to cover our mouth and nose. Medical professionals call this “source control.”

Wearing a cloth face covering is an easy, effective and inexpensive solution. face coverings work as a filter, capturing microscopic germs, salts, proteins and other particles that we exhale. The community face coverings we offer are designed to help you protect others by blocking any germs that may come from you when you cough or sneeze or speak.

Plus, you get style points

Face coverings and community face masks have become a must-have fashion accessory. At SquadLocker, our face coverings make it easy to accessorize your daily wardrobe and show your team spirit. We have styles to fit the way you refer, in sizes to fit men, women, boys, and girls.

Our custom decorated face coverings are easy to add to existing SquadLocker stores and are easily customized with your team's logo. Looking for tips on how to offer face coverings with your logo to your team or league? Watch the video on how to add custom face coverings to your SquadLocker store

Or, if you want 24 or more, you can go whole hog. Create an entirely personalized, custom design your team (or family or neighborhood or staff) can wear to make a group statement. Pick from 74 different colors and a dozen patterns, and go from there. We’ll even give you free design assistance to create the perfect custom community face covering. Now that’s teamwork.

The more, the merrier

No one wants to wear the same old thing every day, so you need more than one face covering. Not just because it’s fun to change things up and color-coordinate with your clothes or mood, but because the only good face covering is a clean one. You can get by wearing a shirt for a second day, but your face covering? No way.

When you have multiple face coverings on hand, you always have a clean one to put on. You can’t see the germs and particles that are captured by your face covering, but they’re there when you take off your face covering. That’s why washing your hands and washing your face covering are vital. Machine washing is fine, you don’t need to further sterilize our face coverings.

Fit matters, for safety and comfort

Fashion-forward as your face covering may be, it's there to serve a serious purpose. Our community face coverings meet Centers for Disease Control recommendations for coverage, snug and secure fit, and ease of breathing. They are lightweight and comfortable to wear all day but tough enough to withstand repeated washings. Exactly the quality and style you expect in all your gear.

Playing it safe helps everybody win

Teams are used to facing challenges, so we know you’re up to this one, too. Colorful face coverings can help keep your spirits up, and customized face coverings can show your team spirit, too.



How to add custom face coverings to your store


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