Choose Polyester for the Most Comfortable Community Mask

May 8, 2020

Gary Goldberg

Polyester fabric for face masks? Yes, and here’s why.

When choosing a mask that is right for you and your team it’s important to consider several different characteristics that can affect the way your choice will feel and perform. One key consideration is the fabric. For years polyester was a fiber that we associated with our father’s old leisure suits. It was stiff and kind of creepy feeling, and wearing the suit made you sweat.

Well, that’s no longer true

Today’s polyester fibers are all about performance and are designed to help the wearer feel great while engaging in a variety of physical activities. The fabrics are soft and smooth. You’ll notice that polyester fabrics feature prominently among the team uniforms and spirit apparel we offer here at SquadLocker. Top manufacturers know what you need and what works best. They choose polyester for the same reasons this material works well for community masks:

Fit. Look for a polyester knit fabric that has both stretch and the ability to recover (return to its original shape). This will help the covering form to your face and neck and feel more comfortable, no matter which style you choose.

Moisture wicking. With the advent of micro-denier polyesters fibers, today’s fabrics are able to wick away significant amounts of sweat from the skin’s surface and transport it to the opposite side of the fabric. From there the moisture evaporates away, creating a cooling effect and a sense of comfort. This is very different than the feel of cotton or poly-cotton blends which retain moisture and become heavy and soggy during physical activity.

Polyester fabrics let you breathe easily as well. Some materials are tightly-woven enough to catch your breath as you exhale, but they are so tightly woven they leave you gasping for air.

Launderability. Modern polyester fabrics are easy to care for and can be washed repeatedly at high temperatures without any degradation of performance or appearance. This helps to ensure your face covering remains clean and safe for repeated use.

Polyester does have one drawback

While polyester sounds like the winning fiber, it can be difficult to print on, especially the high performance wicking constructions. And we know you want your face coverings to be decorated like the rest of your squad’s gear. In order to benefit from this fabric and still show off your team or school pride, you will need to look for a provider that specializes in printing on polyester. Ideally, one that also specializes in streamlined, personalized product selection. That’s easy when you team up with SquadLocker.

Here at SquadLocker, ordering is a “no contact” sport

Our community masks are not only safe and comfortable enough to wear all day, they come in many colors and prints to coordinate with your team’s personality or other wearables. But why stop there, when you can design something entirely unique, exclusively for your team? Whatever you want, you can have it your way, and fast. Each person from your organization orders online through your store and receives their order via direct delivery. No physical contact required, but plenty of coaching from our SquadLocker experts if you need it.

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