Football Training Guide [10/2014] - Strength, Good Hips and Rest are Vital.

October 14, 2014

Andrew Walters

Successful football programs don’t just train, but know how to train.

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Football Guide BTN

Preseason football workouts should be comprised of four strength-based training days per week. This is where most teams make the mistake.Train insane or remain the same”. NOT TRUE. The body needs adequate rest for muscles to repair after a hard workout. Any more than four days and these oh-so-important muscles aren’t able to heal properly. The body needs at least one day of complete rest in order to execute at peak performance. This day would be ideal to go over film or meet as a team to cover personnel and formations for the upcoming season and games.

Why strength is vital. To compete with the best at the highest level, the sport of football requires an impressive amount of relative strength, both mentally and physically. The stronger of two equally talented players will always have a powerful advantage over the weaker athlete. Better, faster: stronger. Strength is necessary to run faster, jump higher, overpower your opponents, and withstand the harsh punishment that comes with the sport of football. When building strength, it is important that players remain functional and focused on the field as well as off.

Explosive power, maximizing strength, and assistance exercises are all things to keep in mind when approaching basic strength training days. Assistance training encompasses a wide range of developmental workouts to supplement basic muscular strength training. This coinciding regimen is a supplemental base to support main training exercises. For instance, on leg day a team may want to focus on squats to build muscle mass in the quadriceps, glutes, and hamstrings. Assistance training would be doing box jumps; a low to no-weight exercise to supplement the base squat routine. Assistance training also helps promote increased speed, agility, and conditioning all of which are vital for the health, safety, and success of the player.

The hips, the lifeline of a football player, are the center of gravity in the human body. Keeping a stable yet mobile center of gravity is critical for football players. Without the ability to remain upright while performing on the football field, you will not have any advantage to overpower opposing players.  Mobility refers to the range of motion of a joint. Adequate mobility in the hips allows you to move freely to perform proper and powerful football movements without jeopardizing your safety.

Training requires 100% focus in every aspect, dedication in your duty. Know your role, do everything in your power to live this role. It may appear simple at first glance, but this sport is never what it seems. Talent only gets you so far. From strength training, to film, to game day performance; the STRONGER player both mentally and physically will prevail. Success doesn’t favor the lazy; it favors the dedicated.


Football Guide BTN

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