How A Team Uniform and Apparel Dealer Can Help You Win Games

May 14, 2013

Todd Grant

a team dealer helps win gamesIf you’re reading the title of this article, you might be thinking it’s a bit of stretch. Games aren’t won by uniforms; they’re won by hardworking, talented, and driven athletes and smart coaching (with an occasional assist by a lucky bounce or a close call by an official). You’re absolutely right. Over the long season, it’s your players and coaching staff that make the difference between victory and defeat. But, smart coaching isn’t limited to a team’s play on the field or the drills it runs during practice. Coaches who make the right decisions on team sports apparel and uniforms can give their players a competitive edge, especially when playing or training in adverse weather conditions. As most coaches now, every little bit helps.

Here are three ways the right team training apparel and uniforms can improve your school or league team’s performance:

  1. Managing moisture. During practices and during games, players perform better when their body temperature is comfortable, their joints are loose, and they’re not distracted by clammy fabric sticking to their skin. Technical fabrics move moisture away from the skin, allowing it to evaporate in the air. This process keeps players comfortable and at a consistent body temperature.
  3. Keeping you (the coach) dry. You make your best decisions when your head is in the game, not when you’re standing on the sidelines miserable and drenched. Don’t forget yourself and the other members of your coaching staff when you’re purchasing team apparel. While your players have the benefit of constant physical activity to keep them warm, you spend a lot of your time standing in the same place. Consider waterproof or water-resistant coaching gear, especially if rain is a constant threat in your region during your season.
  5. Getting the most out of your apparel budget. Almost every school or league team has to work within a limited budget, not just for apparel, but also for equipment, staff, facilities, transportation, and so on. Don’t waste an inordinate amount of your limited team budget on training apparel and uniforms—money that could be better spent in other areas that make a direct impact on your team’s performance. Choose gear that is built for durability as well as functionality. Work with your team dealer to select high-quality alternative apparel brands to complement respected name brands.

A team dealer: A coach’s secret weapon off the field

Team dealers are not only one-stop-shopping solutions for school or league sports gear, apparel, and uniforms. They’re also experts on sports apparel and brands. If you’re struggling to make the right decisions for apparel that will give your team a competitive edge, a team dealer is the perfect source of information.

Learn more about choosing the right team gear, apparel, and uniforms in our latest guide for coaches, athletic directors, and equipment managers. Download your free guide by clicking on the image below and feel free to share it with your entire coaching staff.

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