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Athletic Gear Sizing Guides (By Brand)

January 7, 2017

It should be easy to determine which sizes of sportswear are right for you and your team, seeing as there are measurements to make our lives easier. Unfortunately, that’s rarely the case. Brands’ sizing can vary quite a bit, and those discrepancies are extremely important to know when you’re placing orders – especially bulk orders.

Since SquadLocker carries a large number of quality professional brands, we wanted to make life a little less confusing with this quick guide to sizing information. We can’t list guidelines for every size of every product, but we’ve made note of some of the major offenders. When possible, we’ve also included links to the sizing guides for each brand.

Choosing The Right Sizes By Brand


Adidas is generally fairly close to true sizing, so you probably don’t have to worry much about making special orders. If they are going to be off-size, they are more likely to run a bit large – maybe half a size. The only major exception to this rule is that the brand’s exceptionally large shoe sizes run small, so you may want to overestimate if your shoe size is larger than average.

Adidas has a full sizing guide for their shoes and other gear available here.

Badger Sportswear

Badger Sportswear tends to be a reliable choice in terms of sizing. Most fits are true to what you expect. If there is any discrepancy with sizing, it’s likely to be a little small—although the vast majority of buyers are satisfied with their selected fit.

Badger doesn’t have one specific set of sizing charts, but every product on their website includes a sizing guide.


As a Hanes brand, Champion knows how to do sizing right. Most buyers have never had any major issues with their products being too large or too small. If we’re going to be really particular, they might be slightly larger than advertised - but not to any considerable extent.

If there’s any doubt, you can view their sizing chart here.


Mizuno is a relatively new brand in the United States, so it hasn’t had as much time to establish whether its gear runs large or small. In our own experience, their products seem to be pretty true-to-size, so you shouldn’t need to make too many major adjustments.


Nike is pretty well-known for running small, particularly their shoes. Unless you have narrow feet, you will almost certainly want to order a size larger. Those with particularly wide feet may need to go up 1 ½ sizes.

You can access all the various sizing charts for Nike here.

Russell Athletic

Unlike several other brands, Russell leans toward a larger, roomier fit. It is also a good brand for those who traditionally need XL+ sizes, as they carry a wider range of larger sizes than many other brands and tend to make them a bit larger. If you aren’t certain which size to order, try buying a size smaller than you might normally get.

Russell’s full sizing chart can be found here.


Sport-Tek is another brand that tends to be oversized, particularly in their menswear. They don’t run as large as Russell, so for most cases, you should be able to order your normal size and it’ll be fine.

Like Badger Sportswear, Sport-Tek doesn’t maintain a single size chart, but you should be able to find the specifics on any particular product on their website.


UnderArmour definitely tends to prefer their clothes, particularly shoes, run on the small, snug side. Order a larger size if you prefer to have a roomier fit. This is also true if you’re ordering for someone with a wide chest, as their tighter fit may be constricting.

For full UnderArmour sizing information, click here.

Concerned about whether the gear you order will be the right size?  It’s not a problem with SquadLocker!  We have a guaranteed “any reason” return policy on all gear we ship, as long as it’s within six months of shipment. You can receive either a replacement product or an in-store credit on all returned items. We even include a prepaid return mailing label in all shipments to make the process easier.

Have any questions about sizing or our return policy?  Just ask!

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