Are you missing out on convenient sport uniforms?

June 1, 2020


We are all accustomed to one-stop shopping these days, and we love the convenience. The fewer places we have to go -- or online sites we have to visit -- to get what we need, the better. Is your SquadLocker store as convenient as it should be for your intended shoppers? Not if it’s missing uniforms – the fundamental gear every team needs most!

 Why add uniforms to your store?

One-Stop Shopping

Especially after being cooped up at home, away from their teammates and the game(s) they love, everyone is ultra-excited to get back into gear – on the field, the court, or the track. Being cooped-up at home has made all of us more online-focused than ever before, too. So the idea of heading out to a brick-and-mortar store now to purchase uniforms, etc. seems more inconvenient than ever. Not to mention it still feels unnecessarily risky to many people.

Maybe your team or organization has been using some separate online source for uniforms. But the whole point of creating your SquadLocker store is to streamline the gearing-up process with one-source simplicity, without sacrificing selection or quality. Adding uniforms to your store accomplishes that goal.

Solve Problems and Cure Headaches

We understand that some teams are partial to local vendors who have supported them through the years, and we applaud that kind of community teamwork. But, sometimes, local vendors simply can’t meet all your needs. And we hear from so many teams and multi-team organizations that scattered acquisition has become a tangled mass of confusion and extra work.

Not only is it a hassle for your players and/or parents when they have to shop multiple sources to get everything they need, it’s a hassle for you as the person who has to administer all this. You have to manually submit orders, and they have to be in bulk. You have more places to check to see who has purchased. More spreadsheets to track it all, including collecting payments. And let’s not forget distributing all those items one at a time to the right team members, something that often falls to coaches.

It all adds up to more time spent, with more risk of making mistakes. And since you have to order in bulk, you have to store and manage left-over inventory. What if none of these items fit players who join your team later on?

Ugh! That doesn’t sound very sporting to us here at SquadLocker, which is why we created our one-stop store for teams of all types. Individual order selection, payment and home delivery. Anytime shopping via the online store, and always-available live assistance if needed. Uniforms and spirit wear all in one place. Top-quality name brands. And no minimums, ever.

No Worries, Teammates! Ben Schaum is President of Willoughby Soccer Club, a 400-member youth soccer league in Ohio, so he knows what it’s like to manage gear for a complex organization. “It’s one thing to provide an easy to navigate site that integrates well within our SportsEngine site,” he says, “but I was worried about how we make sure that the parents were ordering the right uniform number for their kids, while still allowing the kids to get the number they want. SquadLocker worked with us on a unique solution to review uniform numbers prior to customizing the uniforms.”

Sell More Stuff

Smart merchandisers know that people buy more when it’s easy to buy. They tempt you to buy more by using the power of suggestion, displaying entire outfits instead of merely racks of pants or stacks of sweaters. You can use this same psychology to sell more team merchandise through your SquadLocker store.

Uniforms are required gear, so offering them in your store gets everyone “in the door.” Once there, they see your entire inventory of team-decorated leisure and spirit wear and are inspired to choose more than the essentials they came for, which can help boost fundraising efforts.

Add Uniforms Now for Fall

As you’re finalizing uniform design for upcoming fall season sports, now is the perfect time to add these items to your store. It’s quick and easy to do that. And it will make outfitting team members and fans faster and easier for everyone. They can order everything they need, exactly as they want, from uniforms to custom-decorated spirit wear and accessories. Their order will be delivered right to their door.

Suited up and ready to go for fall sports, in just one trip to the store. Nothing could be more convenient than that!

So we have to ask: why would you not add uniforms to your SquadLocker store? Virtually every type of team requires uniforms. Including uniforms in your inventory transforms your store into a comprehensive resource that provides a convenient, fast shopping experience for everyone. Just ask the Diamond Degree Blue Devils Baseball organization: “We use SquadLocker for our uniforms, parent gear, coaches’ shirts, and even practice outfits,” says Tom J. “It's easy to set up and they have great customer service.”

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