5 Ways to Make Masks Cool for School

September 11, 2020

Christine Snyder

Have you seen the clever Wear a Mask posters from Israeli graphic artist Noma Bar? He brings fun to the otherwise pretty boring, yet important medical message that it’s the responsibility of each of us to wear a mask. We could all certainly use some fun these days – especially kids and teens during these challenging times when sports and various activities are either cancelled or significantly modified.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that kids over the age of two wear a face covering, but that’s no easy task. It’s hard for toddlers to understand why masks need to be worn, and they may be scared to see others wearing them. It’s challenging for teens for different reasons. Most of us find them uncomfortable to wear for extended periods of time.

But wearing masks doesn’t always have to be a struggle, inconvenient or even dull, and we’ve got some great ideas to help make it fun. Yes, fun!

  1. Involve kids in creating posters to hang up in school or by the door at home as a reminder not to forget your mask. Have an art contest for the most creative poster or flyer design. The more kids are involved and understand what’s happening, the more likely they are to buy-in to wearing a mask.
  2. Let them select their own masks. If they help pick out clothes, why not masks? Having a variety to choose from to simply switch it up or match outfits can make it fun. Have a mask for each day of the week!
  3. Communicate regularly. Kids need to know why it’s important to wear a mask, and they need reminders leaving the house (we all forget). This is a new routine that will take time to establish, so don’t forget patience.
  4. Decorate your mask with pins, fabric markers and stickers. It’s not only fun, but exercising creativity has proven to help induce feelings of positivity and reduce stress.
  5. Add custom masks to your SquadLocker store! What’s more fun than a custom mask that showcases the logo or design of your school or sports team? Perfect to boost school or team spirit, custom masks and face coverings are available in any color and design, and are affordable, breathable, and comfortable to wear all-day.

These are not easy times for students as they adjust to new rules. Let’s add fun whenever possible. SquadLocker custom masks and face coverings with logos and other custom designs are making the transition back to school, sports, and clubs more fun, fashionable, and of course safer. If you haven’t added masks to your SquadLocker store yet, log in to your dashboard today.

Wearing a mask means we are all looking out for each other. Be cool. Wear your mask at school. We’ll all be healthier for it.

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