5 Ingredients for a Profitable Holiday Cookbook School Fundraiser

November 23, 2020

Christine Snyder

Do you have family recipes and favorite dishes to turn to this holiday season? It’s the perfect time of year to plan for special meals and cooking with family.

Pulling a community cookbook together for a school fundraiser can be easy, fun, and profitable. PTAs have been using holiday cookbook fundraisers for decades, but how do you pull together the right ingredients for success? Did you know there is software that makes it super easy?

In a recent episode of the Multipurpose Room podcast, “How to Run a Holiday Cookbook Fundraiser,” Christina Gibson, Director of Operations at CreateMyCookbook, joins hosts from K-12 Clothing Debora Jones and Wes Jones to go through the steps of gathering recipes, putting together a great looking bookstore quality cookbook, and how to sell it to raise funds.


Step-by-Step to an easy, fun, and profitable cookbook fundraiser

With CreateMyCookbook, you can make a cookbook lean and simple or as elaborate as you want – and your community will love it. Here are some easy steps to get it done:


1. Signup for an account: It’s free. Only pay when you order a book.

2. Collect Recipes: Provide the link to your account to students, parents, and the community to upload recipes. Give folks a minimum of two weeks to submit.

3. Cookbook Designer: Choose fonts, images, and organize with full control over your design. Pick a theme and predesigned cover or make a custom cover and pages soliciting artwork from students and/or photos and images from the community. Some of the best cookbooks have pictures of families preparing the food or eating it. Noting where the recipe came from – like grandma – can be fun, too.

4. No Minimum Quantities: Readying a cookbook to order can take as few as one day. Order a proof to ensure colors and everything is exactly as you want. Then, order as many or as few cookbooks as you want – for yourself, your family and friends!

5. Raising Money: In general, a book with a 100 recipes costs on average of $7.00/book plus shipping. Most sell the book for $20, with most schools making at least $10/book. Cookbooks can be as small with a minimal number of recipes or as large as you want!

Family and community are best served around a good meal. The best recipes tend to be the simplest ones that your family loves. The more people who submit recipes, the more people who will want to buy a copy. Preserving favorite family recipes collected from the community make a wonderful holiday gift!


For more information on how to run your fundraiser with CreateMyCookbook, visit https://createmycookbook.com/fundraisers#/


To learn more, listen to the episode here.


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