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What We're Thankful for in 2020: 5 Groups of People We Couldn't Do Without

November 26, 2020

Christine Snyder

It has been a challenging year for all. Cancellations, disappointments, changes, and newfound fears have all been at the forefront. Today, we focus on what we are thankful for over the past year. At SquadLocker, we are grateful the company has grown significantly, despite the challenges for our school and sports community customers.

On Thanksgiving, we are thankful for all our customers. Today, we bring special focus to schools and the enormous challenges they have faced in the midst of a pandemic. We are thankful for all who serve in education across the country, and all students, our future, who strive to learn despite difficult circumstances.


This Thanksgiving, we are thankful for…


1. Teachers:

You are positive role models in students’ lives. When we get older, it’s difficult to remember what classrooms looked like and who we ate lunch with, but most of us remember a favorite teacher who had a positive, lasting effect. We thank you for all the changes and difficult adjustments you were forced to make this year as you continue to shape young minds.


2. School administrators:

We salute you for having students and teachers’ safety at the forefront. From ensuring curriculum standards are met, monitoring student progress and success, to keeping parents informed, we thank you for all that you do.


3. Club teachers and coaches:

Clubs and sports give students the opportunity to develop interests in future careers and hobbies like art and photography, science and math, writing and languages, charity work, sports, and so much more. We are thankful for all club teachers and coaches who mentor students and athletes far and wide.


4. School nurses:

As the primary medical resource for students during the school day, we thank you for providing care for students who need additional physical and/or mental health support as well as first aid, emergency care, and beyond. Thank you for your service.


5. And Students:

At the heart of our education system, we recognize you are our future workforce, future parents, future politicians, and future leaders of this country. We are grateful for your patience, rolling with the changes, and willingness to learn in new ways, despite all the challenges.


If you are gathering with an educator in person or via video this Thanksgiving, don’t forget to thank them for all they do!


This year was about making last minute changes and shifts in our families, jobs, and lives. At SquadLocker, we are also thankful that we were able to make numerous shifts, including producing custom masks for many schools and sports leagues to gather safely in-person. As well, our no-contact delivery of uniforms and apparel direct to individual athletes and students rather than to overburdened school administrators and coaches proved safe and helpful for many.


Happy Thanksgiving to all!



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