5 Common Complaints About Online Custom Sports Apparel, and Why They're Bunk

January 17, 2021


Custom sports apparel is the foundation of every team’s “presence” – uniforms, practice kits, team gear, and even spirit wear literally show the flag, decorated with your school or league logo and colors. But while custom apparel is a must for every organization, getting teams outfitted can be a major challenge... Even if you’ve switched to online custom apparel acquisition.

You know the common complaints, because you’ve probably uttered at least some of them yourself. But here’s the thing: they’re bunk. Not exactly myths, because these problems really exist. But totally unnecessary if you team up with the right online custom apparel partner.

Here’s what we mean...


5 Common complaints about custom sports apparel and why they're bunk:


Complaint #1: “Our coaches and league admins can't see who has ordered”

The whole system of bulk ordering and distributing custom sports apparel is one headache and inefficiency after another. You have to order way in advance to assure custom apparel will arrive in time. You have to keep trying to collect money from parents. You then distribute the gear when it arrives.

And you might have to do all that multiple times if you have to order from multiple sources. Recordkeeping can become a convoluted blizzard of spreadsheets. It’s tough to keep records up to date, and that makes it darn hard for key people to know where things stand.

Coaches and admins need to know who has ordered, who has paid, who still needs to get their gear. That’s why SquadLocker puts the details right at your fingertips, with the order history dashboard. Everything you need to know, automatically updated in real time.


Complaint #2: “We can never get everything our team needs in one place”

So frustrating. The more vendors and online sites you have to deal with, the exponentially more difficult and confusing it becomes to outfit your team. That’s time and energy you could devote to something that directly benefits your organization or your players.

Having to order from multiple sources also makes it nearly impossible to coordinate styles or decoration options, not to mention maintain quality control over custom imprinting.

And you think you’re unhappy? We can hear your parents and players grumbling from here. Getting ready to play should be fun, not a strain on your team spirit.

Simplify! Streamline! SquadLocker is your comprehensive go-to resource for custom apparel -- uniforms, team gear and spirit wear, all available for convenient online ordering as needed. We offer top-quality sublimated, embroidered, and printed decoration options so all your gear looks consistently and professionally branded.


Complaint #3: “Order windows make it difficult for people who join late to order”

What if someone signs up late? What if a kid’s jersey gets ripped during a game (or the dog chews it) and they need a replacement? Order windows don’t make any sense for your organization or for your team members, they just make things easier for the online custom apparel retailer.

At SquadLocker, we believe customer service is all about our customers. So we don’t have order windows. Ever. Your people can order what they want, when they want.


Complaint #4: “It takes forever to get our gear”

Everyone’s excited to get their official stuff, so no one wants to wait any longer than they have to! And why punish some kid who signed up later by making them sit on the bench until their gear arrives? Or making them wear some hand-me-down uniform that doesn’t even fit or have their name on it?

Not only has SquadLocker done away with order windows, we ship custom sports apparel orders quickly, in as fast as 5 days.

Now, that’s exciting!


Complaint #5: "I don't have enough control over my own store"

A lot of online custom sports apparel sites don’t allow you to make changes to your store or your apparel inventory on your own. You have to wait for your team dealer to do the updating for you. What’s up with that?

At SquadLocker, we’re all about convenience. So our store builder allows you to add, swap, and re-arrange your online custom apparel store however you want. Whenever you want. Zip, zap, new merchandise is visible to everyone. And with a quick glance at the dashboard, you can see what’s up with every key aspect of your store – what’s selling, who’s buying, how your latest custom apparel fundraiser is going.


But don't just take our word for it, check out these reviews about how easy SquadLocker makes selecting and ordering custom apparel. You'll be a believer in no time!


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